The Mountains are my happy place!
burning woods on fire pit


Easy-breezy is the preference of the flesh. But in ease there is no growth. Ease is where you find complacency and laziness. It is in the fire of hardships that we grow. Facing hard and difficult things and circumstances produce a refined and stronger character. Hardship is where we are changed from the ordinary toContinue reading “THE FIRE OF HARDSHIPS”


On my most recent trip to the cabin, a tailgate picnic was on our agenda. The weather was spectacular and the Blue Ridge Parkway beckoned us to sit for a while. We came prepared and I thought I would share just how easy and fun it was. Supplies It’s pretty obvious that you can’t haveContinue reading “A MOUNTAIN TAILGATE PICNIC”

Welcome to my blog. In this new season of my life, over 50, empty nester, and grandparent, I decided to try sharing some of my life’s experiences, lessons that I’ve learned along the way, and great content for women my age. Old is a mindset and I am no where near “old” yet!!! I hope you will be encouraged, inspired, challenged and enjoy a laugh or two along the way.