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The truth about story telling is that often there is very little “truth” in it! This revelation hit me hard as I realized on two occasions this past week, I had interactions with acquaintances who told me a “story” rather than the “truth” I desired. Here’s why it matters. Nothing But The Truth Truth isContinue reading “THE TRUTH ABOUT STORY TELLING”

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As I have gotten older and gained life experience, this quote has become so real. So often in my younger years, I thought I had some things figured out! Now I realize that I really don’t know much at all. Learning and growing never stop and we never truly arrive this side of heaven.

Welcome to my blog. In this new season of my life, over 50, empty nester, and grandparent, I decided to try sharing some of my life’s experiences, lessons that I’ve learned along the way, and great content for women my age. Old is a mindset and I am no where near “old” yet!!! I hope you will be encouraged, inspired, challenged and enjoy a laugh or two along the way.