The Mountains are my happy place!
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It’s the third week in January and my goals for 2022 are set. I’ve already been busy pursuing my goals with the help of a few tools in my toolbox. My question to you, is what’s in your toolbox? You see, I am very well aware of one of my flaws – procrastination! Because ofContinue reading “GOAL SUCCESS – WHAT’S IN MY TOOLBOX?”

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How do you know if you are headed for success? There is a common factor found in those who succeed: Success does not happen by accident. You must set goals and take steps each day to intentionally pursue those goals. Hoping that you all find the direction of your purpose and pursue it with passion!

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Welcome to my blog. In this new season of my life, over 50, empty nester, and grandparent, I decided to try sharing some of my life’s experiences, lessons that I’ve learned along the way, and great content for women my age. Old is a mindset and I am no where near “old” yet!!! I hope you will be encouraged, inspired, challenged and enjoy a laugh or two along the way.