“YOU CAN’T BE DISCONNECTED AND HAPPY” – THE SECRET THINGS OF GOD – Unlocking the Treasures Reserved for You by Dr. Henry Cloud

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I offer today a quote from Dr. Cloud’s book called “The Secret Things of God“. “… one of the most important secrets of God: we are not meant to be alone.” This is a quote from the Chapter entitled “There Is No Such Thing as Disconnected and Happy.” Dr. Cloud points out that we were created to live in relationship with others and life doesn’t work unless we do just that. He goes on to say that “We live in a relational universe. To survive, and to prosper, we have to be connected to other.”

As an introvert, this chapter was very challenging for me. I have close relationships with my husband, children and grandchildren; however, I have not done well in developing deep connections outside of family. I have come to see the importance in opening myself up to others who will be reliable, truthful and supportive friends in my life journey. Science proves that our degree of happiness depends on the level with which we let others in.

Being vulnerable and open with trusted friends is a gift. Knowing that you have a support group to have fun with, to be “real” with, and to keep you accountable adds value to your life and lets you know you are not alone.

Do you have deep connections with others? Do you want deep connections with others? I hope that you do and that you find “your people”. It is a recipe for happiness when you find them. Click here if you are interested in purchasing a copy of Dr. Cloud’s book.

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