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Do you ever feel like you are different because you do not have a best friend and your friendships look different from others? Sometimes we find ourselves in seasons where our friendships have changed and we don’t have a best friend.

We may even find that rather than one steady friendship, we have multiple friend groups. The question of quality or quantity certainly applies but maybe not in the way we once thought.

Personally, in my early school years, I definitely had best friends. After high school, when everyone goes to college or work, that often changes.

Classes, projects and working full time kept me fairly busy. I was still social but not with just one friend.

Our entertainment culture often portrays women with a best friend and sometimes I have felt that I was missing out because I don’t have that kind of relationship.

Now I can say that after being married for many years, my husband is definitely my best friend. You can read more about him in my post “He Speaks My Love Language”. My daughters are lovely and I spend a lot of time talking with and being with them as well. Honestly, this is where most of my social energy goes.

My friend relationships consist of women in couples small group, women’s group from church and even through volunteering. I know that any one of them would be willing to help or support me and vice versa.

Perhaps what’s important is that you have relationships with others even if it’s not the “ride or die” kind. We need others and others need us. Sometimes when we only have one best friend, we miss out on other kinds of friendships that can keep our lives colorful and fun.

As the seasons of our lives change, its okay for our relationships to evolve as well. Some may grow and some may fade. One thing is certain, you will never regret being open, inclusive, compassionate and kind and allowing relationships to evolve organically.

Don’t feel pressured that you must have one best friend but rather pursue being very rich in a variety of friendships.

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