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Robby and I always make a trip to our cabin in the woods in February. This is our anniversary month and we love to celebrate in our “Happy Place”. This year’s trip did not disappoint.

The weather in Western North Carolina in February can be quite tricky. We have had times of extreme cold, soaking cold rain for days and the occasional snowfall. The past three years our visits were very “wet”.

While time at the cabin is always great, soaking rain makes getting out more challenging. And let’s not forget that the firewood will be wet! UGH!!

Our Anniversary

We arrived on a Friday evening and had time to get a quick bite at a local favorite restaurant (socially distanced of course). The weather was cold but not extreme. The firewood was fairly dry so a roaring fire kept the evening nice and cozy.

On Saturday evening snowfall was expected in the range of 3-6 inches. I got things going early and we purchased groceries to carry us through until Monday.

I had made reservations at a nice restaurant to celebrate our anniversary. Fortunately, I made the reservations for early evening. This gave us just enough time to enjoy our dinner out and make it home just as the snow was falling.

Cabin in the woods - Anniversary Dinner
Cabin in the woods - first signs of snow in driveway
Cabin in the woods - snow is accumulating

The Snow

The snow fell throughout the night. When I awakened on Sunday morning, there was a winter wonderland surrounding me. We accumulated about 3 inches of soft snow and the mountain sparkled with pristine white beauty.

The interesting thing about a fresh snowfall is the complete quiet that comes with it. All the animals are in their nests and nothing is moving around. I truly love the magic of this kind of peaceful moment.

The best part about this snowfall is that the temps would rise quickly and the roads would be clear by afternoon. This was good news because our driveway is a beast!!

I was able to take one of my dogs for his first walk in the snow. I didn’t think he would like it, but when his feet hit the soft snow he began to prance a little. He also made the cutest pawprints as we walked along.

3 inches of snow
winter wonderland
sparkling white covers the woods

Getting Out

My husband is the “boss” when it comes to getting our truck turned around and out of our steep driveway. We did venture out that afternoon for a quick lunch snack. Grilling burgers and watching the Super Bowl were on the evening agenda.

Robby was a trooper and grilled outside in the cold and the burgers were delicious. He continues to be the grill master!

Going Home

There never seems to be enough time at the cabin in the woods. But, home calls us back. We leave with joy for the time there and excitement for the next visit. The mountains will always be calling me and I intend to answer!

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