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What is nutrition and why is nutrition for women over 50 important? Nutrition is defined as eating a healthy and balanced diet so that your body gets the nutrients it needs. Nutrients are the substances that fuel your body!

No matter what age you are, good nutrition is important. Nutrition for women over 50 is especially important because while you may need fewer calories; you still need good nutrients.

Sometimes changes in our lives impact our desire to eat well. It can be hard to want to cook when you are living alone or cooking for two.

Even medications can impact your appetite and create less desire to eat. Click HERE to read more detailed information about nutrition from Medlineplus.gov.

This is why it is so important to eat foods that give you lots of what you need. Foods like fruits and vegetables, whole grains, lean meat and fish, beans and nuts. You should avoid junk food like chips, candy and baked goods. They only give you empty calories.

While “junk” foods may be easy and convenient, they are not what your mind and body need.

Nutrition for women is not just about the body but also the mind. Let’s not forget that diet plays an important role in brain health. Veggies, berries and omega-3 fatty acids are essential for good brain health. I want to do all I can to improve my memory and brain sharpness!

An article by Mayoclinic.org on healthy eating, suggests that women over 50 need to consider 3 main things in their diet.

1. Calcium

Women over 50 need calcium for bone health. Dark leafy greens are a good source of calcium.

2. Protien

Because women over 50 tend to do more sitting, they must protect their muscles. Eating enough protein reduces muscle “wasting”.

3. Vitamin B-12

Vitamin B-12 is vital for brain function. This is a key nutrient for maintaining healthy red blood cells and brain function. A good source of B-12 can be found in eggs, milk, lean meat and fish.


Maybe you want to eat healthy but are tired of the task of cooking. The planning, shopping and preparation every night has become a burden.

Here’s a solution for the “tired” cook! Consider a meal kit delivery subscription. Wouldn’t it be great to pick out several meals each week and:

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  • All ingredients are fresh and included.
  • Easy recipe instructions with pictures are included.
  • Great tasting food is the result!

HelloFresh.com offers all this at a reasonable price. I use HelloFresh.com personally and have 3 meals for two delivered each week. The food is terrific and I don’t have to plan a thing. The bonus is that there is no waste. Since the portions are perfectly sized, everything is completely consumed.

Each recipe card includes calorie information as well. Not only am I eating better, but the nutritional value has definitely increased.

Eating fresh whole foods should be the foundation of a healthy diet. Start eating better now. Click the link below and take advantage of HelloFresh.com’s free shipping offer today. Your mind and body will thank you later!

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