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Think about the last delicious thing that you ate. For me it was a stuffed salmon dinner. Once it passed my mouth and into my stomach it’s now the responsibility of my gut to take care of digesting this lovely dinner. Gut health matters in women over 50. A “healthy” gut can make all the difference in your lifestyle and how you feel.

Can you believe that there is more than 30 feet of intestines to process all that we eat. This system is filled with acids and enzymes to convert our food into material our brain, muscles and immune system can use. Obviously, we all want this system to be running in tip top shape. This is why your gut health matters.

What Does Good Gut Health Look Like

To promote the most healthy gut, you must eat meals rich in fiber. Foods like fruits, vegetables, beans, seeds, nuts and whole grains are rich in nutrients and fiber. If you are not getting enough fiber from food, then a supplement is a good idea.

Benefits of Gut Health
  1. Weight loss is one of the benefits of a diet that is low in sugar and high in fiber. The bacteria found in a good gut help women lose weight.
  2. An inflamed gut can also leak into other areas of the body like your muscles. This will cause you not only to feel bad but loose strength. A healthy gut will help your body maintain overall strength and fitness.
  3. The Wake Forest School of Medicine found that over time poor gut health affects the brain and can increase your risk of dementia. Bad gut bacteria produce chemicals that directly affect your ability to think clearly. A healthy gut will promote a healthy mind!!
  4. Another benefit is improved sleep. A healthy gut can help you fall asleep faster and sleep better, improving your overall cognitive health.
  5. If you have trouble with your tummy (and you know what I mean), then improving your gut health can reduce problems with diarrhea, constipation, inflammatory bowel disease, irritable bowel syndrome, yeast infections, and even urinary tract infections. Introducing probiotics into your system can greatly improve tummy troubles.
  6. Finally, an improved gut will help you fight off colds and simply feel better. A healthy gut definitely impacts the immune system and makes it stronger. In general, most people simply feel better when their gut is working at its best.
What Can You Do

The easiest thing you can do is eat nutritious and well balanced food. Fiber rich foods will benefit you mind, body and soul. In the empty nest season, it is easy to get lazy with cooking. Find new recipes and give them a try. Consider trying a Meal Kit program and choose healthy options.

Whatever you do, remember that you can’t reap where you haven’t sown. Your gut health matters. Sow into it by eating healthy foods that will bring you a harvest of health and happiness.

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