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The past two years have been culturally very divisive. One thing that stands out is the backlash that comes from asking questions. However, questions are how we get to the common ground that brings unity and agreement.

If you want the freedom to speak and express ideas, then you must also allow those same things to stand up to the scrutiny of questions. Keep talking, sharing and asking questions!

7 thoughts on “TO QUESTION

  1. I love this, Leigh. Adam Grant’s book, The Power of Knowing What You Don’t Know, is one of my favorites. He encourages us to think like scientists — who ask questions not to prove they are right, but to prove they are wrong. What a wonderful world it would be if we all questioned what we think we know, in search of common ground. 💜

    1. What a beautiful comment Hot Goddess! I couldn’t agree more! Oh how we need to find that common ground. Thanks for sharing your wisdom and insight.🥰 Best Wishes! Leigh

  2. This is such an important issue Leigh! If we can’t enter into a respectful discussion, able to ask questions, and offer our perspective we have truly delayed “the basis of human progress.” It feels as if everyone is angry and unwilling to listen to each other. It’s disheartening. Thanks for bring such wisdom to this current dilemma. Hugs, C

    1. Thank you Cheryl. I agree with you that folks seem to be angry rather than open when others disagree or question different perspectives. Here’s to hoping our generation can do a better job of modeling how to find common ground! As always, Best Wishes! Leigh

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