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I love my home decorated for Christmas. There is one thing, however, that I don’t like. Christmas is also the season for some assembly required. Dreaded words for every parent and/or grandparent.

A Little History

If you have been reading my blog posts over the past two years, you know I love a DIY project. I’ve always been good with putting things together (likely because I read the instructions.)

When my parents were alive, I was the one they asked to help with new items they purchased and technology. Back in the day I was a master at programming a VCR! I know that sounds hysterical to admit! LOLOLOL

After having children, Robby and I both began the journey of assembling the Christmas toys for our daughters. We have untethered more dolls from packaging than any human should ever endure. And don’t get me started on clicking together plastic cars, houses, campers and one ski resort for the dolls. Then the stickers! Oh, it makes me cringe just remembering.

One year we stayed up half the night trying to get it all done. Then with cut fingers and tired bodies we joyfully watched the girls trash the house with all the new stuff. Good Times!

Grandparent Gift Giving

One of the best parts about being a grandparent is that you can give gifts without putting them together. Your adult children now have that task. It’s payback for all of your previous assembly work.

I love bringing all the Christmas gifts for our granddaughters over to their house and then leaving with nothing. Their house gets trashed and my daughter and son-in-law carry on the battle with packaging and untethering dolls! I love it!!

I Was Thinking

The phrase, “I was thinking” usually gets me into some kind of situation. This time it was an update of the grands’ playroom in my house. I realized that much of the set up and toys were still for babies and my girls are “little big girls” now!

At 4 and 8, they love telling me “I don’t need help” and “I’m a big girl”. Right, Mimi has got it. With that in mind, I decided to order a new play kitchen that is bigger, a kid size table and chairs and a new area rug. These gals love to play chef and set a table, so Mimi is going to make it happen.

With a few clicks on Amazon, the playroom update had begun. Even though the supply chain issue is in play, the items arrived rather quickly. In fact, they came when Robby and I were at our cabin, so I had to ask my daughter to come over and put them in the garage. The weird thing was that the boxes seemed really small. There was no way a play kitchen could be in THAT box!

The Boxes

As soon as Robby and I got back to our home, I began opening the boxes convinced that Amazon had made a huge mistake. To my surprise, everything was there. It was an engineering and packaging marvel. So many pieces in such small packaging. I knew this was going to be an epic moment of “some assembly required”!

The table and chairs were first. No tools required and all I had to do was screw on the legs. Feeling confident, I took out all the pieces to the play kitchen. Wow, there was a lot of pieces and a small book of instructions. This is going to require a glass of wine first!

The instructions were small but the pictures were fairly clear. The bad news was that each piece had not been labelled so it was quite difficult to figure out what part was what. My husband offered to help, but I wanted to conquer this myself. An hour and half later I called it a night.

After some rest and getting some other things accomplished on my “to-do” list, I felt ready to go at it again. With my tool bag ready, a Hallmark Christmas movie playing in the background, I dove in. Three hours later I had it completed.

I cleaned up the mess, put the new toys in place and admired my work. My vision for this room was complete. Now to go take some pain medicine and cook dinner.

Final Thoughts

While I absolutely do not miss the days of “some assembly required”, this project was worth it. I know my granddaughters are going to love it. Mimi and Popi want them to enjoy our home and have great memories to look back on.

To put it in perspective though, Robby and I have assembled a king size platform bed, two end tables and a lounging bench in less time than it took to put that kitchen together. Hmmm, maybe I should have had him help me after all!!

Well, to all the parents and grandparents who will be partaking in “some assembly required” tasks, I leave you with this wish:

  • May all the parts be in the package
  • May all the parts be labeled
  • May all the parts fit
  • May the instructions be in large print with great graphics
  • May the stickers come with a guide and…..
  • Remember, this season will come to an end all too quickly!



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