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The past three weeks have been a little challenging. The kind of weeks where the unexpected comes knocking on your door or car! It’s the kind of stuff you just can’t make up! Looking back I just smile and say “that’s life!”

A Little History

I have been driving since the age of 16. It was at this young age that I discovered that I had a magnetic personality. That’s what I like to call it. But actually, I am a magnet for picking up nails in my tires!

My poor dad plugged more tires than any dad every should. The thing is, I am a good driver. I don’t go “off road” or drive in places where I shouldn’t. I simply have a knack for finding all the nails on the road with my tires!

My dad was so happy when I got married. I told myself it was because Robby was such an awesome man! While that is true, the other reason is that my dad was finally able to pass the “tire torch” to someone else. And, Robby has carried it well.

Losing Air

I recently wrote a post about my visit to Savannah to cat sit for my daughter. What I didn’t mention is that before I even got out of town, I had a rear tire that was low and setting of the vehicle warning system.

I stopped to put air in the tire and prayed that God would get me to Savannah and back with no problems. I watched the tire pressure like a hawk and it held steady all the way to Savannah. At this point I felt like if there was a leak, it was slow and I would be fine.

Upon leaving Savannah, I noticed that my tire had deflated slightly but seemed to be holding. I knew I could pull off I-95 if I had trouble, so I proceeded to journey home.

As I pulled into my garage, the tire was definitely losing air and I knew it was likely yet another nail. Robby couldn’t find it right away, but took the tire off and there it was. A bright shiny nail sucking the life out of my tire. He plugged the hole and declared my car ready for action.

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Losing Air – Part 2

With my freshly repaired and aired tires I set out on a few small errands. All was good! It was about 2 days later that I needed to fill my gas tank and go grocery shopping. I set out on my journey and decided to check the tire pressure readings just to be safe.

Boy was I surprised to see that the same tire was losing air again. There must be another nail and I would need to complete my errands close to home. After putting my groceries away, I called “Black’s Tire” in Florence and told them of my recent “tire dilemma”. The manager was so nice and told me to come in that afternoon and they would try to fix my tire.

I arrived around 2:00p.m. and “Black’s” got busy working on my car. The manager came out about 30 minutes later holding another bright and shiny nail. He said “that’s two plugs and you only get three before needing to buy a new tire.”

No sooner had he finished his sentence when another employee came in declaring “I found another one!” That makes a total of three nails that had been in my tire. My husband Robby did an excellent job on his plug and the service men where able to plug the other two holes as well.

After an hour and half of my time and less than $30, I was back in my car with fully aired tires! I just don’t know how this happens but I definitely want to break the “nail curse”! LOL

Small Batteries

The tire situation did stress me out a little but I had a hair appointment the next day and was looking forward to some pampering!

As time for me to leave for my hair appointment approached, I gathered my stuff and headed out to the garage. I sat in my car and proceeded to push the “start” button. It was at that time that I received this wonderful message “Key Fob Battery Low”. Basically this means your key fob is about to die and there is no guarantee that it will start your car again! UGH!

I thought to myself “you have got to be kidding me.” I quickly tried to change the battery but couldn’t get the casing open and I didn’t want to break it.

Option 2 was to get the extra key fob that Robby has and take it with me as a back-up. I found the extra key fob and made it to my hair appointment without being too late. I even had enough time to watch a YouTube video on how to change the battery and how to get the car to start if the fob dies. FYI, this is very valuable information to look up if you have this kind of starting system.

When I got home, I successfully changed the battery in my key fob and everything was “coming up roses” again! Or so I thought!

Big Batteries

Another weekend passed by and I really didn’t go anywhere in my car. Robby and I attended worship and had gotten a bite to eat, but we used his truck. My car safely sat in the garage all weekend with no use.

On Tuesday afternoon I had a much awaited eye exam. Because of COVID, it took me months to get this appointment and I was super excited to purchase some much needed new frames!

The day went smoothly and when it was time to leave, I pranced out to my car, pushed the start button and ….NOTHING!!!!! I COULDN’T BELIEVE IT!!!

Obviously, my battery was dead. Once again I thought “you have to be kidding me.” I knew I needed to keep this appointment, so I called my daughter to see if she could loan me her car or give me a ride. She is awesome and the timing was perfect.

My granddaughter had just finished virtual school and they all came and “rescued” Mimi! They decided to make it an adventure and get ice cream while I had my eye exam. I cannot tell you how grateful I was for the rescue. And the bonus was a little extra time with my grandbabies!

All went well and my daughter deposited me at home. I told my husband and he said “you’ve got to be kidding!” When he got home he would check it out and install a new battery if that indeed was the problem.

Just FYI, my husband was a master mechanic in his early years. So…..he got this car thing figured out! It was the battery and within 45 minutes, he had purchased and installed a new battery in my car. Once again everything is “coming up roses”!

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Final Thoughts

  • God knew I needed a “car guy” all those years ago!
  • Both of my daughters are always ready to help me out! I have a terrific support system!
  • If my car can tell me my key fob needs a battery, WHY can’t it tell me when IT needs a battery!!! Just saying!!!
  • Life happens to everyone, the unexpected both good and bad. Sometimes you just got to roll with it. In the end, everything works out just the way it is supposed to!

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