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I can definitely say that 2020 left me in need of a motivation reset. The new year deserves a fresh start and a fresh attitude. Many women over 50 find that staying motivated is much harder in this life season.

A study by The Families and Work Institute reveals that workers begin to loose ambition to get promotions or seek opportunities with more responsibility by around 35. This is especially true for women due to having children and raising families.

Women over 50 often experience a loss of interest in things that they once loved. Health problems, fear, loneliness and even grief contribute to this kind of disinterest.

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Why You Need a Motivation Reset

Aging is a fact. The things that once inspired us change as we age. In this new season women are no longer pursuing money, goals, career success, and building a family. Attention is now placed on spouses, time with family and enjoying life.

Changing bodies and seasons of life should not stop you from living a full and enjoyable life.

Tips to Reset Your Motivation

1. Physical Health

Taking care of your physical health plays a major role in your overall sense of well being. Aching muscles and joints, wrinkles and fatigue can negatively impact your motivation.

One of the best things you can do for yourself is to eat well and keep moving. Establishing a lifestyle of regular exercise and healthy eating gives you the fuel you need to pursue your goals. The rewards of a healthy lifestyle will benefit you for years to come.

2. Emotional Health

Most women live a hurried life filled with stress and worry. Find ways to lighten the load and reduce your stress. Turning your focus toward building strong relationships with friends and family will improve your motivation.

Don’t allow negative situations or people to influence your happiness. Seek out like minded people to be your “community”. These are the people who will encourage your growth and goals.

3. Rethink Goals

Sometimes we need to reassess our goals and remember why we set them. Thinking about what that achievement or goal will mean can “reset” your “mindset”!

4. Partners

Many women find that having an accountability partner helps them stay on track. Having a positive person speak into your life is a huge boost. A smile and an encouraging word goes a long way to cheer you on.

5. Inspiration

Lift your spirits by reading or listening to motivational quotes and advice. The inspiration of others success is contagious and can breath new life into your efforts.

6. Rest and Recharge

Your body and mind are powerful and sometimes simply need to recharge and rest. Allow yourself time to relax and re-energize. You can’t give away what you don’t possess.

7. Try Something New

Be open to new things. Trying something new often sparks your motivation. Reward your hard work with a vacation to inspire you. A different location and new perspective allows you to leave behind the old and seek new adventures.

Final Thoughts

One of the best ways to get out of a slump is to help someone else. Use your wisdom, knowledge and experience to serve others. Nothing is more motivating than feeling valued, having purpose and making a difference.

Don’t let stagnation set in. Embrace the “over 50” season and find ways to reset your motivation. Pursue your goals and enjoy the journey!

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