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First, let’s keep it real …. a clean house shouldn’t really smell like anything. So…..don’t try to cover up the “bad” with lots of scented sprays. You have to clean your house!!

  • Moisture is an odor causer. If you live in a humid climate then a dehumidifier will help with musty odors. Also, avoid wall-to-wall carpet if you can, as it holds moisture.
  • Take out the garbage! No one likes this task, but allowing it to pile up in kitchens and bathrooms can cause you to become “nose blind” to it’s odor. So don’t let it get too full and make a regular routine of taking it out.
  • Clean out the fridge. Yes, we all have that little something that was forgotten way in the back. Do a weekly check of what’s in the fridge and throw out items that have gone bad or won’t be eaten.
  • Keep linens washed. Establish a regular routine for washing sheets and towels and always be sure they are completely dry before folding and putting away. Also, immediately clean up any spills on soft surfaces.
  • Open the windows. Depending on the weather, pollen, and where you live, letting in some fresh air is always good.
  • Lastly, add subtle scents to your home. I love candles but sometimes they can be too strong, so choose scents wisely. Also, diffusers that use essential oils may be a better option.

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