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Thought I would share my husband’s latest DIY project. He recently added this fireplace pergola and totally changed the look of the outdoor fireplace. I love it and him. Best part, it only took a couple of weekends to get this done.

How It All Began

First, I must give a little history about the fireplace and the pergola. Several years ago, Robby built a freestanding pergola with bar around our pool deck. It was nice and served us well for a few years, but began to look a little rough due to the hot and humid weather.

Robby also built the outdoor fireplace which we enjoy using but it just seemed to be missing something. When he decided it was time to take down the pergola, I suggested that we move it to the fireplace area to elevate the look.

Surprisingly, He thought it was a great idea, and so began the “rebuild”.

How He Did It

Robby has every tool known to man and loves building things and working with wood. The first step was to dismantle the old pergola. This was quite a task, but he managed to get it down by himself.

Next, he cut off all of the rotten or damaged ends and planed all of the wood. Let’s just say there was a lot of measuring involved. He needed to make sure the scale was right for the fireplace. FYI, I was not involved in any of the measuring! LOLOL

After providing him with Pinterest pics of what I wanted, we agreed that a natural stain would look best.

Last step would be reassembly!

Putting It All Together

Once the stain had dried, Robby began reassembling the pergola against the fireplace. I can only take credit for helping him hold a few pieces in place while he inserted the bolts.

I could not be more pleased with how this project turned out. Moving the pergola from its original position freed up space on the pool deck for chairs and umbrellas.

Adding the pergola to the fireplace created the feel of a cozy seating area. We also hope to get some new chairs or perhaps new cushions to complete the look.

Robby sitting under the fireplace pergola

Final Thoughts

Overall, this is one of my favorite projects that Robby has done for me. The fireplace pergola gets a 5 star rating from his biggest fan!

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