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As I once again pondered what to write this week, I browsed through my photos and saw something amazing. What did I see? The answer was clear, the many faces of love. In fact, I would call it one of those “light bulb moments.”

The past 30 days have been full of busyness and fun. With Thanksgiving having passed and Christmas on its way, I, like everyone else, have had a full calendar. Some of that busyness is occupied by commitments and the rest is self-inflicted chaos. Nonetheless FULL. Looking a little closer, I didn’t see the chaos, but instead, love in action.

Loyal Companion

Let me first acknowledge Silent Charlie. He is the most faithful and loyal dog to ME and ME alone! I’ve written about him before, so it is no secret that he is old, grumpy and super anxious. He is also my daily sidekick, always underfoot and in my shadow.

He’s become a little bit of a diva in his old age. When we visit our cabin in the woods, I have to carry him up and down the stairs. He is able to do it, but pretends otherwise, even though he hates to be picked up. It has become our “little thing”.

No matter where I am, he is there too. Never making a sound unless someone comes into the driveway, then he sounds his alarm. I never miss a package delivery! This is the face of love!


My nest may be empty, but I am not without callers. My daughters and granddaughters make sure that Mimi gets lots of attention. I am blessed to talk and text with both daughters every day. Yes, I said every day!

All the years I spent making sure they had what they needed, driving them to school and activities, and attending endless “programs” and “events” have turned into daily conversations to share “what’s up”!

At first, I thought they were being respectful and letting me know they are okay. Now, I see that they are checking up on me as well. I love my daily calls. These are the faces of love.

Holiday Helpers

Having moved away from family many years ago, all holiday preparations have fallen on me. I learned fast how to cook turkey and dressing with all the fixings and get up all the Christmas decor by myself.

As my daughters got older, they jumped in to help with the decorating. No matter what house we have lived in, they knew exactly where to place each Christmas decoration. Our tree has always been decorated with white lights and a multitude of ornaments collected through the years.

Decorating the tree is not a task I love, so they took on the monumental task and did it well. Then, one day, one was married and the other gone to college and I was left with the tree. Alone the task is huge, but now I have Christmas helpers.

Two little granddaughters that, like their mother and their aunt, love to help Mimi with the tree. I love telling them about the ornaments and which ones were past favorites. This is the face of love.

My Partner in Crime

Finally, I have to mention my partner in crime, Robby, my husband, “super-dad”, biggest fan and best friend. He puts up with me daily and never complains. Says “whatever you want honey” and means it. Doesn’t give me the look when I say “hey, I’ve been thinking.” Laughs at my jokes, calls me sweet (even though I’m not) and encourages me daily.

At least once a month he drives me to “my happy place” and chauffeurs me to all my favorite place in the mountains. This man even loves charcuterie and wine bars. The fireplace flames are always dancing and “just sitting” on the porch is perfectly fine.

Robby gladly wears the contractor hat and accepts all of my “renovation challenges”. The latest one is gutting and rebuilding our master bathroom. He started this project right before Thanksgiving. Woohoo, it’s going to be awesome. Of course, this project will have it’s own post!!

Working daily on this project around his regular job and weekends too, he is taking my vision and making it happen. This is the face of love.

Final Thoughts

Love is often described as a feeling, and, that is true. We can certainly feel love for someone or something; however, that is love that only we ourselves know and recognize. To know that you are loved requires action.

Love is best expressed though the actions of family, friends, pets and even strangers that intersect our lives. As you look through the multitude of photos that you take this holiday season, I hope that you too, see the faces of love.

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