burning woods on fire pit

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Easy-breezy is the preference of the flesh. But in ease there is no growth. Ease is where you find complacency and laziness. It is in the fire of hardships that we grow. Facing hard and difficult things and circumstances produce a refined and stronger character. Hardship is where we are changed from the ordinary to the extraordinary.

5 thoughts on “THE FIRE OF HARDSHIPS

  1. I love this so much Leigh! It’s such an important reminder that we’re going to go through hardships if we live long enough…. The important thing is to realize those very things that cause us so much pain are also the things that help us learn and grow the most. Thanks so much for sharing this!

    1. Thank you Terri, I am so glad it sparked something for you. Here’s to taking “our stuff” and letting the creator make something beautiful from it! Best Wishes! Leigh

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