The best advice I have ever received from people and the Bible is to “mind your own business.” Never get involved in battles that aren’t your responsibility. Never waste time trying to change a fool’s mind. Sometimes just be silent! In these things you will never find yourself wallowing in the pig pen!


Sometimes nothing is exactly what one plans to do. And…sometimes one does nothing because there is no plan. We must know the difference. Achievement and success, whether big or small, do not happen by accident. Make a plan, execute it and see it all the way through! Be a finisher and turn your nothing intoContinue reading “WHAT COMES OF NOTHING?”


Did you know that YOU are responsible for your attitude? Circumstances and other people are NOT responsible for your attitude. Your attitude on any given day is your choice. Choose well!! You will always have a great day when you choose to take responsibility for how you respond to life’s ever changing surprises! Be flexible.Continue reading “ATTITUDE CHECK”