I am so excited to reveal this project. My husband gets all the credit as he did all the labor. He believed in my idea and “made it happen”. Our house has an L shaped front entrance with the front door/porch and garage all facing the driveway. We are blessed with a 3 car garage,Continue reading “GARAGE DOOR GEL STAIN PROJECT”


Well, I have been at again…..another project to keep me busy during COVID19 “lockdown”. I had another piece of furniture that was inherited from Robby’s grandmother that had incurred some damage and needed a “makeover”. This is a larger piece than my previous project, but I had a vision, a plan, and time to doContinue reading “ANOTHER LOCKDOWN DIY CHEST REDO”


This past week I was able to focus my time and attention on completing a DIY project to refinish a bedroom side table. This was a table that belonged to my husband’s grandmother. It had some damage to the finish on the top and it was never really “my style”. After 23 years, I finallyContinue reading “‘LOCKDOWN’ DIY PROJECT TABLE REDO”


It’s week 7 of COVID19 “lockdown”/”stay at home” order and I decided to busy myself with a DIY project that has been neglected for several years. Our front porch has iron railings that are supposed to be black but after 20 years of South Carolina weather, they were a rusted shade of light grey. IContinue reading “ANOTHER “LOCKDOWN” DIY PROJECT”


Keeping busy is getting a little more challenging these days. My husband is still working. My youngest daughter returned to Savannah. Now, it’s just me and my two fur babies all day. Not complaining …… just keeping it real that it can get a little boring at times. In an effort to comply with requestsContinue reading ““LOCKDOWN” DIY – 2″