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It’s hard to believe that one year ago we were all facing a new normal. Isolation and masks became the focus of our attention. Spring, pollen and Easter dresses were all but forgotten.

As I think back, I don’t even remember being happy about the warmer weather. The pollen that covers everything in the south just seems a forgotten yellow haze.

I distinctly remember struggling to make myself put out my Easter decorations. It was hard and I felt sad because no one would be visiting to enjoy them. No Easter dresses and no new shoes to show off. No Sunday service and a meal to celebrate together. COVID had changed the world.

Fresh Wind

Well, March has come around again and fresh winds of hope fill the warmer air. Shots in arms are moving us back toward community again. I can’t wait!! In addition, we all have learned to live life a little differently, but LIVE what matters.

Signs of Spring

My shrubbery is blooming and the birds are busy building their nests. The pollen has covered everything in sight, including my screened in porch. Even our pool is tinted green with pollen!

The porch will require many cleanings before the pollen season ends and that’s OK. This year there will be people using it! Good conversation and laughter over coffee or wine will fill the corners of this outdoor space once again.

Easter Baskets

My Easter baskets and decor have been happily placed throughout the family room. I can hardly wait for my granddaughters to rearrange the window clings on my front windows. It is one of their favorite things to do.

Pic of Easter window clings
pic of Easter window clings

Their little fingerprints on the glass will remind me of how blessed I am to have time with them. It’s amazing how much joy something as simple as window clings bring to a child.


A proper Easter meal has been planned and at least one of our daughters will be able to join us.

The girls and I will dress up in pretty new dresses and celebrate the Easter season with flare this year.

Of course, the Easter baskets are ready with gifts from “Mimi & Popi”. Most importantly, there will be lots of egg hiding and hopefully “finding” as well! LOL

Easter baskets
Easter baskets and decor

Final Thoughts

As laughter and joy fill our home again, I will relish and hold onto every moment. Time is so precious. So is being in community with family and friends.

It’s a new season. A season full of hope. I will never look at Spring, pollen, and Easter dresses with the same lens. Gratitude and thankfulness will color this season with bright and beautiful hues.

May the warmth and joy of spring and the Easter season refresh and renew your mind and soul.


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