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Spring is here in the south and that means it’s time for spring cleaning. These two words evoke many feelings, mostly procrastination. You see I love a clean home, but I don’t love cleaning!

I am very “task driven” and maintain what I would call a clean and tidy home. But spring cleaning implies a much deeper level of home maintenance. You know, getting into the spaces nobody ever sees and cleaning windows! YUCK!

A Little History

The Cambridge Dictionary defines spring cleaning as follows: to clean all of a place, especially, your house, very well, including parts you do not often clean. In addition it is a time to organize and get rid of things you no longer need.

History ties spring cleaning back to the Jewish tradition of cleaning the home in preparation of the Passover Celebration. This could include everything from the drapes to the furniture.

I can assure you no drapes will be touched in my house! LOL However, with Easter just around the corner, and windows that are anything but clear, I better get busy!

Benefits of Spring Cleaning

As if I needed more confirmation, there are proven health benefits to spring cleaning. Having a clean home boosts your mental health. It gives you a sense of control and clarity, boosts your confidence and improves your productivity and quality of life. Well, I like being in control and who doesn’t want a confidence boost. Maybe there is something to this “spring cleaning” tradition.

Not sure that tackling that dust under the couch will improve my clarity, but I’m sure my sinuses will breath easier!

Here’s a link to a great article in RealSimple.com about house cleaning and your mental health.

Tips To Make It Happen

  • First, take small steps. Don’t try to do everything in one day. Anyone would feel overwhelmed with a “whole house” size task. Choose a room, particular task or even a drawer and get to work. Small victories will encourage you and give you momentum.
  • Second, keep things simple. When organizing, find “sensible homes” for the things you use frequently. Keys, purses, glasses and remote controls should have one place where they consistently “live”.
  • Take the time to determine what things serve you well. If you haven’t seen it, wore it, or used it in months or years, then you probably don’t need it. Holding on to things that you don’t use creates clutter in your home and in your mind.
  • Finally, reward yourself when you accomplish your goal. Enjoy the clean space and celebrate a job well-done. I think a lovely glass of wine along with a piece of chocolate would do the trick!

Final Thoughts

I don’t think I will ever be someone that just LOVES spring cleaning, but I do admit that a “sparkling clean” house will make me happy. Also, I do love wine and chocolate so ….. rewarding myself for completing this task will definitely be the best part!



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