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We all have men in our lives that we love.  Have you ever stopped to think about the care of their skin?  Most of the skin care advertising is directed toward women and I love that there are so many products available for us.

However, men’s skin care is just as important and most likely, they will need a little help from the ladies in their lives to upgrade their routine.  My own husband has embraced the need to take better care of his skin and I have encouraged him to use products made just for him.  Here’s a link to some of his favorite products.  

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The first step is to determine skin type … normal, oily, dry or combination.  This is key in finding the right products to purchase.

1.  Cleansing

Cleansing the skin is essential to both sanitize and eliminate dead skin cells.  Men tend to be lazy in this area but it is crucial to maintain clear and smoother skin.  Just like the ladies, men should wash their face before going to bed.  Keep in mind that too much of a good thing can be a problem, so limit face washing to twice daily.

2.  Sunscreen

This is another area that men tend to avoid.  If your man wants to avoid that leathery look, then he must apply sunscreen.  The best option would be a moisturizer for men that contains an SPF protection of 15 or 30. Here’s a great option by Cardon.

3.  Wrinkles Around Eyes

If your favorite guy is concerned about wrinkles, especially around the eyes, then an eye cream for men is appropriate. Viking Revolution offers a nice option.

4.  Lip Care

Your lips age fast and chap easily from sun exposure and the elements.  Use of a quality lip balm will keep those “smackers” in prime condition.

5.  Shaving

This is one area where men should be very careful with their skin.  Always use a clean, sharp razor and a quality shaving cream or gel.  Also be sure to move the razor with the grain of the hair to avoid razor burn and bumps. Below are some affordable options.

6.  Hands

Let’s don’t forget  his hands.  Men’s hands are very prone to becoming dry, cracked and looking aged from work and exposure to the elements.  Every hard working man deserves a good hand lotion to hydrate their skin without being greasy. Marlowe offers a reasonably priced product.

Whether it’s your husband, partner, son or son-in-law, we want our favorite men to take care of their skin and look and feel their best.

Helping them find quality products and a skin care routine that works will keep them looking always handsome!

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