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Well, it happens to all of us, but those of us over 50 really start to see the impact of our past and present lifestyle on our skin. Spots, wrinkles and sagging seem to appear overnight, but the truth is that we have a great deal of control over the appearance of our skin.

I am a firm believer in serums and I use No. 7 products on my face daily. These products have made a huge difference in reducing wrinkles and overall healthier, clearer skin. While products can play a major role in skin care, there are some other things that are equally important.

  • Skin Care Routine – Developing a regular skin care routine is a must. Okay ladies, you simply must remove your makeup before bed. Research the best products in your price range for your skin type and invest in a good cleanser, moisturizer and a serum. These habits, over time, will pay off in healthier, younger looking skin as you get older. And let’s not forget to protect your skin from too much sun exposure! Wear that sunscreen! A super tan looks great at 28 but not so true at 58!
  • Food – You are what you eat. A healthy diet will promote a healthy you! Specifically, if acne is a problem, then avoid dairy. We are all different, so do some research and find out what foods, especially “whole foods” will be best for your needs.
  • Anxiety – Worry and anxiety take a toll on your mind, body and skin. It is important to recognize the stressors in your life. Consider making changes to either reduce or remove them, learn new coping skills, and perhaps include meditation. Calming the mind is an excellent way to reduce stress and there are many free apps that can help you with the meditation process. It is so important to take of your self first. You simply can’t give away what don’t have.

So what’s the take away……

It’s never to late to start taking better care of yourself and your skin. Think of it as an investment that will bring great rewards in the years to come.

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