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Prior to attending a July 4th outdoor event, I was asked by another woman “will you be wearing shorts?” My response was a quick “yes”! I continued to say that it’s just too hot not to!

It took me a few minutes to realize that I have never been asked this question before. The only reason it came up is because of our age. This friend wanted to confirm that it was OKAY for us to wear shorts. The funny thing is that it never crossed my mind that it wouldn’t be okay.

Some History

I grew up in the lovely Southern State of Alabama. If you know anything about the South, you know it is very very HOT!!! Shorts are standard attire from May through August. And sometimes the hot weather can continue into the fall months.

Wearing shorts has always been a part of my life and I am very comfortable in them. My favorite type of shorts are denim because they are comfortable, match anything, and have pockets.

Present Day

Currently I live in South Carolina and it is also very very hot and humid in the summer. I still wear shorts and honestly don’t know how anyone could bear the heat without them.

I still wear denim shorts and also have several pairs of what I call dress shorts. My dress shorts match nice tops and I typically wear them to dinner or other public places. They allow me to elevate me look and still be cool and comfortable.

Wearing shorts pic of favorite denim
My favorite denim shorts!

The Real Question

I think it’s awesome to wear shorts at any age. If you feel confident and comfortable, go for it! I think the real question about wearing shorts relates to length. Shorts don’t come with a label that says only women of a certain age can wear them.

However, certain styles and lengths should be reserved for the “younger gals”! Women over 50 should be wearing shorts that flatter their body in this season of life.


There are so many style options for women over 50. You can find shorts in a wide variety of materials, fit and lengths. The main focus should be on length. Let’s face it, “booty shorts” simply aren’t flattering to the average over 50 woman.

The best length for women over 50 is a mid thigh short that fits well but isn’t too tight. Your personal height and leg length will determine what styles fit you best.

Know your body and what looks best on you! There is a terrific article in that shows a variety of styles that are perfect for the over 50 woman.

Final Thoughts

I know that some women just don’t feel comfortable in shorts as they get older. As for me, I plan to keep wearing shorts for decades to come. As I have said in other posts, wear what makes you feel your best. When you feel your best, that’s what others will see also! Don’t let age decide whether you will be wearing shorts!!


  1. I have noticed how practicality has replaced my need to make a fashion statement over the years. So yes, if it’s hot, I’m going to wear shorts. And I am not nearly as concerned about someone seeing my wrinkling skin or my sun spots or whatever else gives away my age. It’s about comfort for me. I agree with you- I will try to suit for my height (or lack of it 😆) and shape, but I won’t obsess over it like I once did. Life is too short and too many other things are far more important. Thanks for posting!

  2. You look fabulous in shorter shorts! I tend to wear Bermuda shorts more than mid-thigh because I like how my legs look in them. I don’t give a hoot what anyone else thinks about my 61-year-old self wearing shorts. Actually, when it’s really hot I am most comfortable in loose little sundresses because I can’t stand a waistband.🥵

  3. I’m way over 50 and just did a modeling session wearing shorts.
    One time I saw a lady in her 80s dancing, wearing shorts. She had the best energy. She was happy and it showed. The shorts looked great on her.
    BTW, your photos are awesome. You’re adorable and have beautiful skin! 🙂

    1. Maryanne, thank you for your comments. I certainly appreciate your sweet compliments. It’s awesome that you did a modeling session and represented us over 50 folks well! Best wishes! Leigh

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