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It’s the first day of March and I am struggling with what to write this week. Honestly, I am simply seeking perspective in a world that seems chaotic and needless suffering miles away are right before my eyes.

While I have lived in the time of the Gulf Wars and much unrest in the Middle East, I have not experienced a time when a European Nation was under attack. The live stream of news, the faces, the destruction tear at my heart strings. I make no political statement here, just words from a mother’s heart.

My parents grew up in the depression and my father served as a Marine in World War II. He was in communications and part of the pre-landing forces in the Pacific Front. He saw things, did things that were just too horrific to speak about. These things affected his perspective and world view.

I didn’t always see things the way my parents did and often wondered why. Why is because they had seen war close up and in person. They knew the heartache, devastation and sacrifice it takes to survive. Now, I understand their perspective.

My heart breaks for the mothers, children, elderly and the sons of Ukraine and Russia. The men who will never come home, the homes destroyed and the economic devastation that will inevitably take hold comes at great cost.

These days politics and morals seem to be at odds. As I seek perspective, my daily irritations/problems become small and pale in comparison to what others are suffering. I pray for peace to be restored, safety and protection for the people of Ukraine and Russia and may my heart never grow hardened to the impact of war.

Wishing you all a great weekend!


  1. I, too, have found tears rolling down my cheeks many times over this past week. I cannot comprehend the insane things that I see going on over there. Sending love and hugs to you and your big heart.

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