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Did you know that some wines are more suited for particular seasons? Fall is here and spicy wines are perfect for this chilly time of year. With a chill in the air, a sweater and seasonal wines for fall will help to warm the day.

A great seasonal wine for fall can add the perfect touch to a lovely dinner or time relaxing by the fire pit. It is definitely time to put away the light and fruity wines of summer and embrace a warmer wine for the cooler season.

Fall wines need to be a little bolder in their flavor to pair with richer foods. Reds tend to rule in the fall but some whites can be just as robust. Learning which wines are spicy and robust will make choosing easier.

Here is a list of seasonal fall wines to consider.

Wines Grown in Northern Rhone Region of France

Wines grown in this northern region of France typically have a spicy flavor with hints of black pepper and olive. Shop Saint Joseph Syrah from

Spanish Grenache Wines

Spanish Grenache wines have a spicy character with cinnamon flavors and cherry smells. Shop Priorat Garnacha from

Zinfandel from Sonoma California

Zinfandel wines from Sonoma California have a light bodied, fruity and rich spicy taste. This wine would pair well with BBQ or curry dishes. Shop Sonoma Zinfandel from

To learn more about Seasonal Wines for Fall read the fall wine guide from This guide will give you the information you need to choose a great fall wine. Food pairings are also suggested. The wine options and price ranges can’t be beat.

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