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I really had no idea what to expect from this book. Our married couples small group began reading this book as the focus for our eight week spring meeting season. What I discovered is that “Taste and See” is a journey of discovery, hospitality and community.

The gift of hospitality is not a natural strength for me personally. I am a social introvert so I do enjoy a gathering or dinner out with others, but regularly inviting people in my home gives me great anxiety.

To quote the author, “Hospitality has a hidden power that is difficult to explain but even harder to deny. …. Home is not the building you live in; home is wherever you are understood.

Those powerful words drew me in as this is definitely what our world needs more of. You see what we all really desire is friendship and to connect with others. We were made for community.

We also desire meaning and purpose in our lives. A longing to know with confidence that God still cares for us and that our lives matter.

The Journey

Margaret Feinberg takes the reader on a journey beginning in Genesis that reveals how God has not only provided for our need of food, but that He wants it to be enjoyed as well.

She reveals that food in the Bible is not just “a commodity to be consumed“. It is sacred and symbolic throughout the Old and New Testament.

I have never thought much about the importance of food in the Bible before. After reading this book I have a whole new perspective about food, provision, and the importance of the table.

The Topics

You may be thinking what food is mentioned in the Bible and what could possibly be the deeper meaning? The author skillfully takes you on both a historical and present day journey to discover 6 purpose filled foods in the Bible.

She immerses herself culturally in her research and shares what she learns. I never realized there was so much to discover about fish, figs, bread, salt, olives and lamb. These 6 foods do so much more than just satisfy hunger.

Every chapter is filled with facts and revelation that both inspire and challenge the mind and soul.

Final Thoughts

Taste and See is one of the most beautifully written books that I have ever read. It is almost like reading poetry. The author tells a story and paints a picture at the same time. I found it hard to put down as each chapter draws you in to see a higher purpose.

You see the table is so much more than just a place to eat. The table is a place where both our physical and spiritual hunger are satisfied.

It is a place for community where the soul is nourished and relationships grow. In the final chapter, the author says “Every table is a doorway, an entrance into a holy and sacred communion with God and those around us.

My perspective about sharing a meal has changed. I want my table to always be a place of acceptance, provision and caring. A place where all are welcome and relationships are nurtured and people are considered precious.

I highly recommend this book and hope you all KEEP ON READING!

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