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This past week makes 6 weeks of “staying at home” for me. My only outings have been to the grocery store and pharmacy. Robby is fortunate to be able to continue going to work, but that leaves me with just the fur babies and myself. NOT complaining …. just saying that it can get a little boring. Thought I’d share some of things I have been doing to “stay busy”!

I have been wanting to refinish my bedroom side table for many years. It belonged to my husband’s grandmother and we have had it for about 20 years. No time like now to give it a go. The top had some damage so I decided to use a dark poly-stain to cover most of that. I plan to use chalk paint and a wax treatment to create a driftwood color on the bottom half. Had to order that, so I am currently at a standstill. Well, it’s not going anywhere and I am enjoying trying something new. Worst case scenario, I just paint over it!

So with two chihuahua mixes in the house, we do have some “accidents” and paper towels are my “go to” for clean up. When this COVID19 stuff started, I thought I had enough paper towels ….. I was wrong! I have been searching for paper towels for weeks. I have also been rationing them in the hope that I would find some soon. Saturday was a glorious day!!!! I went grocery shopping and there they were – two 6 packs just waiting to come home with me. I literally felt like I won the lottery! I can confidently say that when this is over and the supply chain is restored, I will never take paper towels and toilet paper for granted!

One of the things I do every morning is check our pool for “critters”. We often have frogs, all manor of bugs and occasionally a snake. I have become quite skilled at catching them and setting them free. Well, Saturday was “snake” day. Even after all these years, it still surprises me when I find one. In fact, we had so many in the pool last year, that I finally purchased proper snake tools to catch them and relocate to the woods. This little guy wasn’t poisonous and seemed to be enjoying just floating in the middle of the deep end. I couldn’t reach him with tools, so luckily Robby was home and he was able to get him with the net. He has been safely returned to the forest. FYI, I wouldn’t mess with a large snake, but the ones I find in the pool are usually small enough for me to feel comfortable to catch and release.

On Sunday, Robby and I ventured out to Lowe’s to purchase supplies for several more projects that I have on our “to do” list. As you can see, we are wearing masks, properly “social distanced” in the store and we both enjoyed getting out. He was purchasing a tree to plant in our yard and we bought paint and stain to refinish our porch railing and stain our garage doors. One thing is for sure, we are getting some home improvement projects done. Thank you Lowes for keeping us both out of trouble!!!

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