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I recently had the opportunity to pet sit my “grand kitty” Lina. My daughter who lives in Savannah, GA needed to take a business trip and asked “Mimi” to help take care of her cat Lina. I was happy to to be able to help out.

My daughter’s trip was just long enough to need some help with taking care of Lina. She is quite the affectionate and vocal kitty and loves to have attention. She is probably the sweetest cat I have ever met!

The Drive

The drive to Savannah is only about 2.5 hours. I arrived around lunch time and Lina was nowhere to be found. My daughter lives in the upper portion of a downtown duplex and a new downstairs neighbor was moving in. The noise of the movers had Lina scared and hiding.

After a moment of panic and a quick search, I found her hiding in a bathroom drawer! I wish I had a picture. Lina is not a “tiny” cat and stuffing herself inside a drawer is quite the site! I picked her up and loved on her a little, but the noise of the movers drove her right back into the drawer.

I decided this was a battle I would not win until the movers had finished downstairs. Settling in and eating lunch was now the focus. After eating a delicious frozen dinner, I proceeded to unpack my bags and settle on the couch, check my emails and watch a little Netflix.

Settling In

The noise from downstairs finally stopped and I once again plucked Lina from the bathroom drawer. She was slightly insulted but complied. Lina is so sweet and curious. She needed to check out everything that I brought, including my computer, Ipad and phone. She loves to touch everything, almost as though she knows how to use them.

Kisses from Lina

After establishing her authority, Lina decided that a few snuggles were in order. She settled down on the pillow next to me and we binge watched Netflix together. I would love to say that I went sight seeing and did fantastic things while in town, but that would be a lie. The truth is, I simply hung out with my “grandkitty”.

Lina and me watching Netflix


While I certainly had the opportunity to venture out, I chose to simply relax. Savannah is one of my favorite cities. The food, shopping and history are outstanding. This visit was not about “touring” the city, but helping out my daughter.

The week had been a little tough and having time to relax and refresh was so nice. Sometimes a change of perspective and location is just what you need. I had no responsibilities other than loving on Lina and that was just what I needed.

In fact, I actually got a lot done. The lack of distractions and quiet of the apartment allowed me to stay focused and get some tasks moved off of my “to do” list.

Final Thoughts

I went to Savannah to help out my daughter, but in reality, my daughter helped me. She had prepared for my arrival with some of my favorite things (wine and coffee)! LOL! She even left notes so I could find everything easily. The apartment was clean and ready for me to arrive. I had need of nothing. What more can a parent ask?

There are no perfect parents or perfect children. But, in this moment, I knew I was appreciated and was glad for the opportunity to help her out.

Lina and I “lived it up”!!! We relaxed, laid around, napped and “chilled with Netflix”. Doesn’t that sound so awesome!!!!

Well, I had to return home but did so a little more refreshed. Both of my daughters are awesome young women. Both of them knew how tough my week had been and both of them showed me how much they care. I am thankful for them and for the opportunity to continue to invest in their lives. Whether it’s grandchildren or grandkitties, Mimi will always be available!

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