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When the door of opportunity knocks, do you answer it? I suppose that for most people, the first thought is “well, what’s behind the door?” The beauty of this scenario is that you don’t know what’s behind the door until you walk through it. Stepping out of your comfort zone and into the unknown can be seen in two ways, both scary and exciting.

If you focus on being afraid of “what’s behind the door” and “what if I fail” or “what if I don’t like it”; then the answer is that you will absolutely miss out on new opportunities. Life will stay the same, neutral, coasting. Maybe that’s good enough. Only you can decide.

If you focus on the fact that a new opportunity is before you and may be full of great things, new people and relationships, thing you never imagined, then you have turned your fear into excitement for the potential ahead. You are not coasting. You are purposefully pursuing new things; and, even if it doesn’t work out, you will still have grown from the experience.

I spent many years being afraid to try – feeling unworthy, lacking self confidence and settling for less than what I was able to achieve . In this new season of life, I refuse to live afraid of failure or the judgment of others. I am willing to try. I am well able, well equipped and I am enough. I will gratefully walk through the open doors before me because if I don’t, someone else will!

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