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In early September Robby and I decided that it was time to update our family room furniture. Our oversized dark leather couch, love seat and chair/ottoman combination had served our family for about 15 years. During that time 2 teenagers, 1 cat and 2 dogs have put the furniture to good use!

We gave the love seat and chair/ottoman combo to our youngest daughter in Savannah who had no couch to sit on. They worked perfectly in her apartment and will serve her well. This left us with just the couch in our family room. One couch living had become our new season!

How It Happened…

Normally, I would have picked out new furniture before giving away the old. The opportunity presented itself to get the two pieces to our daughter so we made the bold move of getting rid of the old BEFORE we had the new!!

Robby and I had agreed on purchasing a reclining sectional, so I went out shopping. I found what I wanted right away and arranged for Robby to see it that weekend. He agreed that it was perfect and so we purchased new furniture that day!

The Catch….

Now comes the “catch”. I had no idea that COVID19 had created a significant delivery delay for furniture. The super sweet saleswoman told us it would be 3 to 4 months before the furniture would arrive. I was shocked! Robby was shocked! And we left with a reality check and hopes of getting the new sectional before Christmas!

We went to lunch to discuss what we would do until the new furniture arrived. The only conclusion was ONE COUCH LIVING! Me, Robby and two chihuahua mix dogs would all be vying for precious couch space!

Keeping It Real …

The first week was easy. The pups and the humans adjusted to a new routine. A lot more light came in with less furniture and that was a bonus. The room was so empty that we joked that it appeared we had been robbed!

As the weeks went by, one couch living became a little less fun. The dogs seemed to be the only ones getting to stretch out! LOL Our hopes for the new furniture increased. Robby and I began to dream of more space and reclining at will!

The Email….

In mid October I received the email I had been waiting on. A delivery date of December 2, 2020 had been set! Excitement filled my being! It didn’t matter that it was weeks and weeks away, we had a date and it was before Christmas!

The countdown to the end of one couch living had begun. Now before anyone feels even slightly sorry for me, we do have another sectional couch in our upstairs bonus room. We just don’t spend a lot of time up there because the dogs can’t join us. The sectional is fabric material and we don’t want it covered in fur.

Delivery Day

The day is here! Robby and I have moved out our “one couch”. Cleaned the floors and prepared for the arrival of the new stuff! My delivery window is 9:15 – 11:30! Waiting is so hard! I can visualize myself reclining and stretching out with plenty of room for me, the dogs, Robby and even some friends!

This has definitely been a fun adventure. One couch living reminded us of when we first got married and had very little. Sometimes it’s good to be reminded of how it used to be so you can truly appreciate something better.

I have a feeling that Robby and I will both be found reclined and asleep on the new couch tonight and that’s just fine!

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