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This past Sunday and Monday, my husband and I traveled to Savannah, Georgia to assist our 20 year old daughter with moving into her new apartment. She is a SCAD student and also works in Savannah and was moving from a 1 bdrm into a 2bdrm duplex just up the street. We moved her into her first apartment by ourselves and we learned a huge lesson. WE CAN’T MOVE FURNITURE ANYMORE!!!

While Robby and I still see ourselves as young, our over 50 bodies do have some limits and hauling heavy furniture is one of those limits. This time we hired help!!! In fact, we hired Two Men and a Truck to assist us. We did our own packing and they simply hauled it from one location to the next and everything worked like I planned. FYI, I purchased all the moving supplies from them and had them delivered to my daughter. She was able to pre-pack all of the unnecessary items and so the rest was easy to complete. Their rates were reasonable and they were very professional and efficient. I would highly recommend them to anyone considering a move, especially a local move.

Although packing and moving was a big and tiring task, I really enjoyed working side by side with my daughter. She learned a few things about packing and time spent with your adult child is always time well spent. The best part was seeing her take charge at the new place and direct where she wanted furniture and things placed. It makes a momma proud to see your adult children maturing in responsibility and managing their lives.

The task at hand was definitely tiring and time consuming, but we did throw in a little fun together getting take out and even managing to drag our tired selves to a nice restaurant for dinner together. This was definitely a memory maker!

So….what are the take aways?????

  • Know your limitations and hire help
  • Plan,plan, plan – utility transfers and packing don’t happen by themselves
  • Bring pain reliever……your gonna need it! lololol
  • Enjoy time with your adult child.
  • Hope they don’t move again for a good while!!!!

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