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Where do you want to be when the spring air is warm, humidity is low, calendar is empty and your daughter has the day off? The obvious answer is lunching in Savannah!

Our youngest daughter is quite busy working full time and going to school online. Her days off are usually filled with all of the things she “needs” to get done.

But, every now then things work out for a “Mom visit”. What is a “Mom visit” you ask? It is usually a day trip where I drive down to Savannah, arrive before lunch and leave by dinner. Wednesday was one of those magical days where everything lined up perfectly and a “Mom visit” was on the calendar.

Heading Down

It was spring break for most, so I knew I-95 would be busy. I left by 8:00 a.m., filled the gas tank and with the exception of some road work, arrived with no trouble by 11:00 a.m.

The drive through historic downtown to my daughter’s apartment makes me feel like I am in a whole new world. It is so different than suburbia. In addition, parallel parking on the street reminds me that I should practice that skill more often! LOL

Her duplex apartment is so cute and charming. I smile every time I see it. Also, I secretly want it for myself. (She knows this by the way!)

After a few hugs and kisses from my daughter, her cat Lina graces me with some meows and allows me to pet her. She is a very sweet and snuggly cat and she “talks” ALL the time. There is never a phone conversation where Lina doesn’t put her 2 cents in! Mimi loves her little Lina.

Me and my daughter at apartment
Lina the cat

The Days Adventure

Hungry tummies dictate our agenda and off we go to our favorite lunch spot. The restaurant is actually named “The 5 Spot“. It is outside of downtown Savannah so parking is easier and we can usually get in without a reservation. We have come to lovingly call it “Our Spot”.

The food is delicious and the atmosphere is industrial/casual. Our favorite dishes are ordered, as well as a glass of Chardonnay for me. The thought of being “fancy ladies” lunching in Savannah makes us giggle.

We may not be truly fancy, but good food, good company and good conversation delights the soul. It is GOOD to catch up face to face.

The 5 Spot menu
pic of lunch

Lunch is done and now we head downtown to do a little strolling and perhaps some shopping. I mean it is Savannah!

Adventures Downtown

My daughter is driving us – thank goodness – in her compact car. Trust me, you don’t want me trying to navigate downtown Savannah streets. She knows this town like the back of her hand now and we arrive at a parking garage in no time.

Picture in car

We stop in the store where she works and say hello to her co-workers. I love that she wants “mom” to meet everyone! I do make a purchase while there … that’s what good moms do on a “Mom visit”!

With my purchase in hand we head out in search of a home decor boutique that I had wanted to visit. The streets of Savannah were busy with people again as life returns from COVID.

I love walking and window shopping. The weather was perfect and Savannah is loaded with lovely boutiques beckoning you to come inside.

We finally arrived at the store I had admired and it did not disappoint. The items where unique, some hand crafted and the quality was of a very high standard. That also means the price was high as well!

I purchased a lovely journal. This was all that was in my budget and we made our way to another shop nearby. Oh how I wanted something on every shelf in the store. It contained unique jewelry, purses, clothing, home decor, glassware and serving pieces. It is the kind of store that ladies who are lunching in Savannah would frequent!

After smelling all the candles, picking up all of the stemware and looking at every single item, we began our walk back. Realizing it was quite warm and we were a little dehydrated, a stop at “Paris Market” was in order.

Thoughts of Paris

Again, the “Paris Market” is another one of our favorite stops. Yes, it is French and there is a cafe serving coffee, wine, pastries and quiche. A beverage and a little rest hit the spot. This is a great place for people watching as it is right in the heart of downtown.

It’s the kind of place that smells delicious and invites conversation and connection. And that is exactly what we did.

pic of Savannah behind us
pic of wine at Paris Market

Once rested, we head back to the car. Ten minutes later we are inside the apartment reflecting on our day. Lina hops up for a little Mimi love and I try to soak it all in before having to leave.

Returning Home

“Mom visits”, of course, are never quite long enough. My daughter has homework still to do and a zoom meeting later in the evening. I have a 2.5 hour drive ahead and it is time to call it a day.

We don’t say goodbye, but rather “I’ll talk to you later and see you soon.” My drive is spent recounting all the fun we had!

“Mom visits” and lunching in Savannah are a tradition that I love and hope to continue for many years to come!

Never underestimate the impact that sharing a meal has with those you love and care about!

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