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Living life after 50 often has a negative undertone. The implication is that living a full life is over beyond 50 and it’s all downhill after that. Science and medicine advancements have increased our life expectancy. Many women are living well beyond 50 into their 80’s and 90’s.

The truth is that we all do well in making plans for our lives up through about 40. However, few women really consider what their life will look like beyond 50.

Whether you are single or married, an empty nester, or recently “retired”, you can create for yourself a great life after 50. There’s a lovely article in that you may also find interesting.


The harsh reality is that age is going to affect all of us. Being over 50 is the perfect time to assess what’s working in your life and what isn’t.

Are there lifestyle habits that need to change or at least get a refresh? Our bodies are changing and we must embrace the season and take charge of our health and wellness.

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Taking Charge

There are several ways that women over 50 can take charge of this new season. Here are some ideas:


Eating the right food should be a high priority. Our bodies need fuel so that we can move and function at our best. The saying is true “you are what you eat.”

I have taken this statement to heart. Recently, I made the commitment to reduce my sugar intake and increase my consumption of whole foods. Fruit, cheese and nuts are now my “go to” lunch. And let’s not forget drinking water! You simply must drink water because your body needs it to work and digest properly.

My motto is, coffee, water and wine. The point being that we must also seek balance in our diet. Don’t try and change everything in one day. That’s a recipe for failure. Instead, consider small changes that you can consistently make that will forever change your eating habits. Your body will thank you!


Ok, I don’t know anyone over 50 that gets up and declares that exercise is their favorite thing. Yes, our bodies get sore and our joints may declare war, but we must keep moving!

Regular exercise for women over 50 is vital to keep your body moving, stay in shape, and maintain good mental health. Exercise simply makes you feel better. Let’s keep it real the goal is not to achieve the body of a “20 something”, but rather to improve your health and well being for years to come.

Remember: If you don’t use it, you will lose it!!!!!


The idea of “retirement” is really a negative in terms of aging. Sitting around with nothing to do isn’t good for anyone. So…. don’t retire, at least not from life!

There are many ways to leave your main career and still stay active and have purpose. We must remain engaged in life.

Many over 50 women find this season to be the perfect time to start something new. Maybe even a career pivot, working part-time, or volunteering.

Traveling is another way to stay active. Going to new places and experiencing new cities and cultures is exciting and broadens our worldview. You may even want to consider taking a trip alone, a kind of sabbatical just for yourself.

Finally, consider pursuing a hobby or taking classes. We are created to learn and that doesn’t stop after 50. This is the perfect time to try a new hobby or jump back into an old one. Don’t be afraid to take classes as well. There are so many online options that you can learn just about anything you want from home.

The best part is that hobbies, reading and classes connect you to the community. This is a great way to meet new people and perhaps make some new friends.

Final Thoughts

Life after 50 isn’t an end but a beginning. You have the wisdom and experience to pursue and create a great new season for yourself. A season of health, movement, learning and community.

Stay engaged in life and never put yourself up on the shelf to just sit!


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