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Life has a way of letting you know that you DON”T really have it all under control! This lesson was made loud and clear this past week when my car and my garage door went to war with each other!

How It All Started

It was a Tuesday and I had quite a few things to accomplish. I am generally organized so I took on my tasks with gusto. On the agenda was laundry, grocery shopping and babysitting for my grandchildren after lunch.

Even though I was marking off my “to-do” list, I was somewhat distracted by multiple phone calls, rescheduling appointments, and having to add things to my schedule. I guess I just had too many things on my mind and the clock was ticking.

The Battle

I finally reached a point where I could go to the grocery store, so I headed out to the garage with my list “in my head”! LOL

Many years ago, I developed the habit of always opening the garage BEFORE I get in the car. I do this for two reasons: (1) so I won’t back into the door; and (2) the safety factor of not starting the car with the door down.

Upon hearing the door go up, I proceeded to get into my car. I started my car, checked the backup cameras and all was good. I started backing out and then I heard this awful sound of scratching and cracking. I immediately stopped and pulled forward.

When I got out to see what it could be, I realized that the garage door had indeed opened but then dropped down a little. This small drop caused the door to catch the satellite antenna (or shark fin as I like to call it) on the roof and completely rip it off the car.

I was so mad!!! I really didn’t have time for this kind of issue ….. but no one ever has time for this kind of issue. I gathered up all the pieces I could. Reopened the door and made sure it stayed all the way up and went ahead to the grocery store. Let’s just say it wasn’t my best shopping trip!

The Result

I finished my shopping, put the groceries away, ate a bite of lunch, made an appointment with the collision center at my local dealership for the next day and made it to babysit on time.

The visit with the collision center went well. Yes, I was a little embarrassed and the employee did laugh! He did try to ease my embarrassment by saying “actually this happens more often than you would think”. I just smiled and owned my mistake! The price ….. well…. we won’t discuss that. Let’s just say it was an expensive lesson but fixable!!!

The Moral of the Story
  • I am grateful that we are able to have the car repaired.
  • Backup cameras are awesome, but don’t show you everything.
  • Know the height of your vehicle!
  • Never trust the garage door!

By the way, the garage door is fine!!!

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