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The last book that I completed in 2021 was a devotional named The Maxwell Daily Reader, John C Maxwell, 2007, Thomas Nelson, Inc. On it’s final page was the daily devotion entitled “The Law of Legacy“. Basically the law states that we all leave a legacy, either good or bad. The choice is ours. This was the first time I have considered legacy living.

What Is A Legacy?

First let’s define legacy. The Webster’s Dictionary defines legacy as property or money left behind when someone dies. It can also refer to something that comes from someone in the past such as a legacy of love or respect.

In short, it’s what you leave behind. It is the summation of the richness or lack thereof, of someone’s life. The achievements and impact of a person on their family, friends and the world around them.

Now, the question for myself is what do I want the story of my life to say?


Being intentional is a word that I have heard a lot this past year. As someone who loves to have a plan, being intentional comes fairly naturally. However, in the case of legacy living, I really had to give this some thought.

You see, I’ve never really thought that “little ole me” would leave a legacy. Only powerful or famous people need to worry about that. But the reality is that one day those who love me will summarize my life and I want to be sure they have something worthwhile to say.

My desire is to have a positive personal impact in my sphere of influence. Doing that requires action – intentional and purposed action.

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Knowing what we believe and living our lives accordingly matters. How, what and in who I invest my time, money and experience is so important. One of my core values is to strive to leave people and things better than how I found them.

This means investing in others like family, friends, organizations and time with God. The past year has offered me several opportunities to get involved in my community and I said “yes”. Stepping out of my introverted comfort zone hasn’t always been easy, but the return on investment is priceless.

You simply cannot leave a legacy without giving of yourself! This brings about the question “where are you investing and what are you growing?”

Final Thoughts

The world is a crazy place right now and 2021 taught us to “expect the unexpected” along with a few “mutations” (COVID humor attempted, LOL) My hope, however, is to be more mindful of legacy living in 2022.

While I don’t expect to attain fame or position, I do expect to make a difference. Making a lasting investment in the lives of my children, grandchildren, friends and those I’ve served means being generous with my time, wisdom and yes, my money too.

When the day comes, I want it said of me that I lived my life with purpose and enjoyed the journey. And, that the people in my sphere of influence knew they were loved. So for now, I will say “yes” more often, drink the glass of wine, eat the chocolate, enjoy my family, love my life and live the legacy I want to pass on.

I would love to hear your thoughts about “legacy living”. Share in the comments what kind of legacy you want to live in 2022.

2 thoughts on “LEGACY LIVING

  1. Great topic! When I think about those I’ve lost, I value and miss connecting with those that were honest and true. The people that taught me how to be compassionate and sincere in thought word and deed. That’s how I would like to be remembered. 🕉

    1. Kim, thank you so much for your comment. You make an excellent point about the importance of those who “trained” us throughout our lives. Thanks for sharing. Best Wishes! Leigh

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