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I just finished reading John Maxwell’s bookThe 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership. Being a leader does not come naturally to me. This is an area that I wanted to improve so that is why I chose this book.

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John Maxwell is well known as a leadership speaker, coach and has written many books. I appreciate his style of writing which is very easy to read and applicable. The book did not disappoint.

What I Liked

Because I know nothing about leadership, I was looking for a foundational book. That is exactly what the Laws of Leadership accomplishes. It establishes a foundation for instruction which can be applied in business, volunteering, and family/friend relationships.

Each law is presented in a way that is practical and applicable for anyone. Whether you are a seasoned leader or a newbie, Maxwell takes complex principles and makes them simple. I really appreciate this style. Each chapter allows the reader to assess their skills and see what needs work.

In looking at other reviews, most readers find this book to be very useful and the information easy to apply. It is a good outline for leadership principles. The concept of servant leadership and achievement by developing the best in others is a very successful and rewarding method of leadership.

What The Book Is Not

The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership is not meant to be a complete examination of every type of leadership situation and how to handle them in detail. If you are looking for specific detailed leadership instruction in a particular industry, then this book is not for you.

It is written for the average person who is looking to grow and develop in the area of leadership. The book is meant to be a tool to grow you and help you recognize areas of weakness. In addition, it can help you thrive in areas of natural ability and intuitiveness.

There are readers who did not like this book and found it lacking in substance. They also saw the concept of influence as manipulative. Most people agree that the concepts on character traits of leaders are great, but there is not enough “meat” on how to develop those traits.

Final Thoughts

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. In addition, I learned a lot! Considering that I have no training in leadership, I had no where to go but up!! LOL Many of the principles I learned have already been put into practice with good results.

As I pondered why some folks did not like this book, I believe that they simply had different expectations for the book. They were looking for a more specific type of leadership training and so their perspective was that the book lacked substance.

I could not disagree more. The book is well worth the read. And, if you read it with an open mind, you will be able to see the bigger picture and learn more, find more solutions and discover new ideas.

Happy Reading Everyone!

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