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Do you ever find yourself feeling tired and weary? Life certainly offers us many daily challenges and it is easy to let worry and hurry cause you to feel tired. Here are some tips to live an unhurried life and find rest.


Rushing inwardly is a sure-fire way to fall out of rest. Our minds are amazing and can race from one thought to the next without stopping. It’s very important to think about what you are thinking about.

Trying to focus on too many things at one time is exhausting and unproductive. While most women, myself included, are quite good at multi-tasking, we are much more productive when we focus on one thing at a time. Yes, it’s true, single-tasking is much more productive than multi-tasking! The reason is that we become more present when we make a conscious choice to focus on just one thing.

Time blocking is a terrific way to fine tune your focus. Decide what tasks are truly important and what can wait. Then set aside a certain amount of time to focus on one project at a time, set a timer/reminder, and when the time is up, take a break and move onto something else. Having a plan on how to use your time takes the pressure off of the need to rush inwardly.

Slow Your Roll

Rushing outwardly is equally exhausting. It seems that everyone is in a hurry to get somewhere these days. Driving fast, walking fast and wanting everything “right now”. What if we all just slow down the pace of our lives? A slower pace will definitely contribute to an unhurried life.

While I believe timeliness is important, we absolutely don’t need to hurry everywhere we go. I have found that driving or walking a little slower still gets me to my destination. In addition, travel time is a great way to decompress. I often use this time to pray, listen to music or books, or just simply enjoy the journey.

One of the best ways to avoid physical hurry is to simply do less. With less on your “plate” to accomplish, you can allow yourself to be fully present and enjoy what you are doing. I try to always add a little cushion between appointments and tasks so that I don’t feel rushed.


I love the convenience of technology, however, it can easily become too much of a good thing. I’ve recently started putting my phone on “do not disturb” to control interruptions. And guess what, I haven’t missed anything by doing this. For emergency purposes, my kids and husband can get through but everyone else can wait. When you are constantly connected then you are at the mercy of the information coming in. When you disconnect, the demands/needs of others take a back seat.

Technology is intended to make our lives easier and more convenient. It should never consume all of our attention. Put the phone down and take a “tech break”. Put your focus on the family and friends around you and invest in those relationships. Connection with people is what we NEED not connection with devices!

Final Thoughts

Living an unhurried life is possible. Take a breath, go outside, unplug, be present and simply do less. And never confuse activity with productivity. Be your best self by being fully present and sowing into the people and things that are truly worthy of your time and attention.

Here’s to slowing down and enjoying the ride!


  1. I love this Leigh. I’m the one with a slice of bread in my mouth, hunting for the peanut butter while chatting with my sister. Life choices. They matter and I agree slowing down is a good choice. I got so used to responding to the demands of 4 kids that it’s been hard to skate the lifestyle even after they’ve moved on. I’m going to try and be of singular activity this week! Slow it down, hugs, C

    1. Cheryl, I am so glad you found my thoughts on this topic useful. I am quite guilty of too much multitasking! It’s hard to adjust to a new life rhythm when you’ve spent years at a different pace. Here’s to being okay with slowing down and enjoying the season we’re in. Wishing you a great weekend! Leigh🥰

  2. Great thoughts, Leigh! I’ve been trying to incorporate many of these things since I learned about the slow living movement earlier this year. I hear what you and Cheryl are saying – its tough to change your pace after the pack of kids is grown and gone… but I sure wish I would have learned these things earlier, while the pack was still at home. Oh how I wish I had been characterized by grace and calm instead of frenzied and frantic, which I fear I was most of the time. With lots of kids, there is a lot to do, but, like Cheryl said, “choices”. I guess hindsight is 20/20. But I do have today and I can – and will – do better from here on out! Thanks for this reminder. I have been meaning to revisit the commitments I made in my slow living study (and subsequent blog post) and you have inspired me to get to it!

    1. Oh how right you are Mamalava….I wish I had been more present and less task driven when my nest was still full and busy. Glad I sparked some inspiration and hoping all us “gals” can embrace a little more enjoyment in this season! Wishing you a great weekend! Leigh🥰

  3. Yes to unplugging! Staying offline and turning off my phone are key parts of my self-care. Since I retired from teaching three years ago, slowing down has been my goal and I’m loving this pace. Great post, Leigh! 💜

    1. Thank you Hot Goddess! I agree that unplugging from our devices is a game changer. I love that you are embracing this season so proactively. Every day I try to leave my phone behind a little longer….baby steps but getting there! Have a great weekend! Leigh🥰

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