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The holidays are here and that means parties and events are on the calendar. Many women over 50 find it hard to know what to wear to holiday events. The question is what’s the secret to dressing well? I believe the answer is in knowing your style and sticking with it. You know what looks great on you and what doesn’t. Don’t let trends dictate your style. Here are some holiday style and beauty tips to help you find that “perfect fit”.

1. Old Fashioned vs. Classic

While you don’t want to dress like a 20 year old, neither do you want to look old fashioned. There is a big difference in a style that is “old fashioned” and one that is “classic”! Classic is what you want to achieve. Styles that are classic have a lasting and timeless quality. They are clean, flattering and smart.

Get rid of old fashioned items and invest in the classics. Some examples are the little black dress. By the way, I have several different “little black dresses”. Each one can be worn for multiple occasions just by changing the shoes and accessories.

Another classic item is the white shirt, black slacks and a great pair of jeans. Each piece can be styled up or down making them versatile and a good investment.

2. The Coat

It is generally cold for the holidays so you’re going to need something warm to wear. Coats can be pricey so most people don’t have multiple choices. One item to avoid is fleece. Do not wear fleece jackets over your holiday outfit. Fleece jackets are great for running errands on Saturday but not for wearing to parties.

A better choice is a cardigan or coat in neutral colors. This will allow them to go with anything. A classic coat like the one pictured below well definitely elevate your holiday style.

3. Shapewear

It’s not a secret anymore! Smooth lines don’t happen by accident or nature! If you want smooth lines under your party outfits, then shapewear is a must. There are many different styles to accommodate any problem area. It is such a relief to know that everything underneath is going to stay in place all night!!

4. Hide Trouble Spots

We all have areas that we would like to improve. Shapewear is a great option but you can also use certain styles and fabric to hide problem areas. Dresses and blouses that have draping or ruching will help hide your tummy or arms.

5. Shoes and Accessories

Jewelry and shoes are an important part of your holiday outfit. When choosing jewelry, consider smaller pieces. Statement necklaces have been popular recently, but they can often look cheap. Stick with a minimalist look that puts a little sparkle in just the right place. You want your holiday style to be classy!

You know that you are going to need a bag for your keys phone and lipstick. Go ahead and invest in a great small bag that can go to any party and keep your necessities close at hand.

Whether you choose heels or flats, invest in a pair of shoes that fit well and are comfortable to stand in. You don’t need stilettos to look fancy! Kitten heels are a great in-between option. There so many styles available, choose one that will keep you dancing all night!

6. Makeup

It is perfectly fine to add a little something extra to your makeup for that holiday party. Don’t let it be bright eyeshadow and loud lipstick from a previous decade! Women over 50 need to be careful with adding too much literal sparkle to their makeup. Sparkly metallic eyeshadow and lipsticks are popular right now but look best on the younger gals.

Add some extra eyeliner and maybe even some false lashes for super party eyes. A rich lip color and well placed highlighter will cause you to glow in the most lovely way.

7. Hair and Nails

It is always a good idea to get a fresh hair cut and color before the holidays. Knowing your hair looks great will boost your confidence and complete your look. In addition, don’t forget your nails. Go ahead and splurge on that manicure. Your hands will be on display at holiday parties and you will want them to look like a million bucks too!

Final Thoughts

Be true to your style. Don’t be afraid of color but if unsure always choose black! The shoes and accessories will highlight your look. Most importantly, be confident and have a great time!


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