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As I sit to write this post my mind is juggling holiday planning. Where did the past 10 months go? Apparently, I blinked and November is here with two birthdays and Thanksgiving to navigate. All while I am still processing my thoughts about this year’s Halloween activities.

November Birthdays

For our family, November is filled with celebrations. Two birthdays, one anniversary (my daughter’s) and a major holiday (Thanksgiving) make this month a little hectic. The good news is that one of the birthdays is MINE!!!

All I require is a trip to my cabin in the woods and a nice dinner out. No cakes, no parties, just mountains, food and a good bottle of wine will keep me happy. Guess you could say I’m easy to please!??!

The other birthday is one of my granddaughters. My daughter gets the privilege of planning that and Mimi & Popi simply show up bearing gifts! I love that my daughter creates Amazon lists for the grands birthdays and Christmas. It makes it so easy to get them things they want and/or need! This Mimi “loves” it!!!!


Now Thanksgiving takes a little more holiday planning. With one daughter living out of state and working retail, and Robby and I spending the actual holiday in the mountains, getting everyone together isn’t likely to happen.

Robby and I decided years ago that celebrating Thanksgiving didn’t have to happen on only one day. Instead, our holiday planning will consist of three celebrations! We will have dinner with our daughter, son-in-law and granddaughters before Thanksgiving Day. Then Robby and I will head to our cabin in the woods and enjoy some time together. The following week we will travel to Savannah to celebrate with our other daughter there.

Not sure how my waistline feels about this plan, but flexibility is the key, figuratively and literally! While I could throw a big ‘ole tantrum and guilt everyone into attending one celebration in my house, at my convenience; what would I have really accomplished?

It may not be traditional holiday planning, but joyfully spending time with my children is always the goal. And, as long as we are able, Robby and I will be adaptable and accommodate the needs of our children.

Halloween Update

In my previous post Halloween, HOAs and Prescription Refills, my neighborhood HOA had decided to move “trick or treating” to Saturday the 30th instead of Halloween on the 31st. This potentially meant two nights of handing out candy. Well, here’s how it all went down.

I put on my super cute Halloween t-shirt on Saturday and Robby and I sat in the driveway with candy ready. We had no idea how many children to expect and the costumed cuties starting arriving around 5:30p.m.

Since the HOA changed the date, it seemed that the only costumed visitors were the neighborhood kids. So, only about 30-40 kids dropped by. This was disappointing as in years past, we have had 100s of little cuties at our door.

However, the best part of the evening was that our grandchildren came to our neighborhood to trick or treat! They were so cute and we ended the evening with a little playtime inside. Fun was had by all!

On Halloween, I once again put on my super cute t-shirt and Robby and I sat in the driveway to pass out candy. To our surprise, not a single child came through the neighborhood. We briefly chatted with the neighbors next door, and we all called it a night. Now, I have a ton of candy to redistribute! UGH!!!

Final Thoughts

To be honest, I secretly love holiday planning. The whole process brings me joy to think of the time I will spend with my family. Yes, sometimes it requires a little extra effort, but the hugs and smiles of your children and grandchildren are worth the cost.

As to Halloween, I am sad that our neighborhood “changed the date”. By doing so, we missed out on the opportunity to spread some joy to the larger community. I love seeing the smiles that one piece of candy can bring to a child. My hope is that next year our neighborhood HOA will simply leave the calendar alone!

My advice to those doing the Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday planning is to think outside of the box! Be flexible with your adult children and create a plan that works for everyone. Life is to short to miss an opportunity to spend time together!


    1. Christy, thank you so much for reading, your comment and birthday wishes! Yes, I agree that resisting the temptation to eat all the candy is hard! Best Wishes! Leigh

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