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He’s still my valentine! Who you may ask? My husband, Robby, of course. As our anniversary and Valentine’s Day are only a few days away, I decided to write a post all about the man, the myth and the legend!

That last phrase is an inside joke in our family because even at our age (well over 50), he still amazes and surprises us with his wit and unique problem solving skills. He’s the man who always makes it happen!

The Early Years

Many years ago, in the days before cell phones and WIFI, a girl and boy met, became friends and fell deeply in love. That girl was me and I had no idea how much this boy would change my life.

To be clear, I was 28 and he was 36. Many thought the 8 year age difference would be our demise but we showed “them”! We both worked full-time and he was the smartest and hardest working man I had ever known. The best part was that he thought I was smart too! He was right …. I knew a good man when I found one!

We married about six months after we began dating and started out in a small two bedroom one bath house with a laundry room off the back porch. As I look back, those were good times and life was simple. Our dreams were to payoff all our debt and hopefully have a two bathroom house one day! Robby was the numbers guy and I was the budget overseer. Within 3 years that dream came true.

In addition, he finished his college degree. How he did it and how we paid for it is still a miracle. With no student loans, we paid our bills, paid his tuition and managed to have a little left over for the occasional pizza and movie rental.

This was also when I discovered his greatest quality. Anything I want, he will make it happen! That’s the benefit of his Army training – never say “I can’t”. And so began our first renovation project – to close in the porch and bring the laundry room inside. He did it all by himself just so I wouldn’t have to do laundry in the cold. He speaks my love language!

The Middle Years

Once the degree was in hand, things began to change quickly. We had two children and Robby’s problem solving skills set him on a profitable path as a “fixer” in the Distribution/Supply Chain industry. We made our first out of state move and landed in Dillsburg, Pennsylvania. A new season had begun.

It was in Dillsburg that our relationship truly deepened. Without a family support system, we depended heavily on each other. These years taught us unity of vision, how to work together, how to communicate and respect each other.

This is also where our love of DIY projects grew. Our first home in PA was a 1970’s split level with plumbing problems. It wasn’t our dream home, but simply what we could afford and it had potential. Robby gutted two bathrooms, created a “to die for” laundry room with a shower, and completely renovated the entire lower level from floor to ceiling. He speaks my love language!

His skills paid off and five years later, we sold that house in less than 24 hours and moved into a brand new house with no renovations needed. At least that’s what I thought. You see this man loves to work with his hands and doesn’t like to sit still. So, creating a finished basement became his project. This was the only project he would never complete.

The Next Move

Five years later, one door closed and another one opened and we found ourselves in South Carolina. We gave up having a basement, but gained a backyard pool! We were living the dream. The girls and I love swimming and the house interior needed a lot of updating. It was a win for everyone!

Robby and I have touched every room in this house. We hired out a custom kitchen remodel, but everything else has been done DIY. This man has gutted our master bath and half bath twice. Whatever I could dream up, he made it happen. He speaks my love language!

Our Happy Place

Robby’s hard work, success and financial discipline positioned us to purchase our cabin in the woods. This is our “happy place”. We both love the mountains and this little piece of heaven speaks to our soul.

Pic of Robby he's still my valentine

It is a place of rest and refreshment. And yes, we have done some small cosmetic renovations, but mostly we just enjoy our time in the woods. I never dreamed this would be possible, but again “he made it happen.” He speaks my love language!

Final Thoughts

Life with Robby has been my greatest adventure. He’s taught me what it means to be truly loved and cared for. His greatest desire is to make me happy and he speaks my love language!

This man has unclogged endless sink and shower drains #livingwithallgirls. He has installed more toilets than anyone should ever have to do. Gallons of paint have been applied to countless walls and doors without one complaint. Even if he can’t see my vision, he still makes it happen.

After all these years, he’s still my biggest fan, my best friend, my “ride or die” and my dearest love. That is why he’s still my Valentine!

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  1. Thank you for sharing your romantic story with us. I am truly happy for you and your husband. Happy Anniversary 😊

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