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The holidays are a time filled with joy and excitement for most. However, you may find your elderly loved ones suffering from the “holiday blues“.

The holiday blues are feelings brought on by missing lost loved ones and changes in physical abilities to participate in holiday traditions. Activities that once were easy, like cooking, shopping and decorating have now become more difficult. This often leads to feelings of loneliness and inadequacies.

In addition, COVID has greatly impacted the elderly in their ability to see family. Many elderly are feeling isolated with little hope of change.

The good news is that when the holidays are over, the blues usually subside as well.

Tips to Beat The Holiday Blues

1. Offer Help With Travel

Offer to help your elderly loved one get out and take care of holiday tasks like shopping for gifts. Simply getting them out of the house can improve their mood and outlook. Don’t forget to make arrangements to transport them to upcoming family events.

Knowing they can attend events will relieve a great deal of stress.

2. Offer Help With Cooking

Offer to help your elderly loved one cook their favorite Christmas dishes. Being able to continue their traditions is so important. Keep in mind that help with cleaning should also be offered.

3. Listen

Be a supportive listener to the needs and concerns of your elderly loved one. You might assume that you know what they need, however, it is important for them to express their feelings and be heard.

4. Expectations

Help your loved one set reasonable expectations regarding the holiday. Encourage them to be open to change and possibly creating new traditions.

Final Thoughts

Life Happens in seasons and each season is different. We all want to be loved and included. Make it a priority to plan for and accommodate the changing needs of your elderly loved ones. This will enable you to play an active role in beating the holiday blues. You will never regret the extra effort and time spent with your loved one.


  1. I once saw a BBC UK video of some young guys celebrating Christmas with an octogenarian….the joy on his face was enough to show his happiness…. thanks for sharing and reminding 💟💟

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