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In progress

Oh those darn door frames!

A little late on writing this post as February (the love) month has come to an end, but I definitely wanted to sing the praises of my husband who gave me the best Valentine/Anniversary present.

Since our anniversary is so close to Valentines Day, it makes gift giving a little hard and sometimes we just do the easy thing and go out for a nice meal. Now don’t get me wrong, I love to go out to dinner! Any meal that I don’t have to prepare or clean up is a great meal. But, this year, my husband took me to brunch and said “I don’t have anything for you for a valentine or anniversary gift. I just don’t know what you want. Can you tell me something and I will do it.”

This was music to my ears. I told him that he is so good to me that I really don’t have need of anything; however, my love language is tasks, so if he really wants to do something, I have just the thing. Of course he responded “whatever it is I’ll do it”. My answer is that I wanted us to put down a new floor in our second full bathroom. This was our daughters bathroom and we held off on renovations until they were out of the house. Teenage girls can do some real damage to a bathroom!!

My husband said absolutely, we haven’t done a DIY project in quite a while and it will be fun”! We picked the weekend, bought the supplies, and just like that new floor done! I couldn’t be more satisfied with the new look and so much appreciated his hard work. Now I just need to come up with my next “love language” project!!


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