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Well another New Year’s Eve has come and gone, and no I did not stay awake until midnight or watch any celebrations. Perhaps I was a “fuddy duddy” this year, (our town is small and did not really have any fireworks or other celebrations to speak of) but I am not a late night gal and my husband had to go to work the next morning, so we had a nice dinner at home, watched a movie and then called it a night.

I remember the days, when our children were at home, I made more of an effort for them with all kinds of snacks, sparkling juice, fancy glasses and staying up to watch the crystal ball drop in New York City on television. Those were such good times and I am so glad for those memories. However, the season has definitely changed and so has my motivation.

While my celebrating may have been minimal, my time of reflection over the past year is not. 2019 was a tough year in many respects for our family. It was certainly a physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually challenging year. In looking back through my planner and journal, I can see how God has been faithful and carried us through to a much better season now.

It’s good to look back at what you’ve done and assess what went well and what did not. Taking time to think about what you want to pursue, what you want to continue and what you want to do differently. I already have several things in works for 2020 and I am hopeful that the new year will hold many blessings for my family.

So what’s the take away…..

  • Take time to reflect
  • Reassess where you invest your time
  • Set new goals
  • And most importantly, be grateful for the people you love.

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