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Like many women, I have set goals for 2021. All of my goals include growth spiritually, in skills and in leadership. What kind of goals and growth are you setting for 2021?

Right now 2021 may not seem much different from 2020. One thing is guaranteed, change will happen. You see change is automatic. Hopefully that change will be for the better.

John Maxwell points out “Change is automatic but growth is not.” Growth is intentional. It requires intentional action on our part.

I made a decision to invest in myself this year by setting goals for growth. I believe that I am worthy of the effort to better my knowledge and skills and put that knowledge into practice.

How do you see yourself? You see, how you view yourself will determine whether you will invest in yourself. The burden is on you to create change in your life.

The principle is quite simple. You reap what you sow. You can’t reap a harvest if you don’t sow seed. What you sow will certainly show up in your life.

If you want to grow in an area, then you must sow seed in that area. Read books, seek classes, join others who are succeeding. Find ways to learn what you don’t know. Daily habits over time yield great results.

It is through consistent habits that we achieve success. Keep in mind …. NO ONE ELSE is going to do the work for you! It is your responsibility.

Achieving goals and growth in 2021 will only happen when you strategically invest in yourself. I hope that the lessons we learned in 2020 will be the catalyst for growth and success in 2021.

Be the change maker in your life!

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