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It’s the third week in January and my goals for 2022 are set. I’ve already been busy pursuing my goals with the help of a few tools in my toolbox. My question to you, is what’s in your toolbox?

You see, I am very well aware of one of my flaws – procrastination! Because of this, I need a certain amount of accountability, beyond my own willpower, to achieve my goals. In fact, I think most people would agree that without accountability, we all tend to “slack off” or make excuses.

To combat my propensity to “put things off”, I have developed of few strategies or “tools” that I use to stay on track. Here are some of things in my toolbox.

My Planner

Writing down your goals is the first step toward achievement. When we write things down, they become more firm or “fixed”. Also, I am a visual learner, so I need to see it in order to follow it.

One of the ways I do this is with my daily planner. Yes, I still use a paper planner. In fact, I use a custom planner from Agendio that is already set up to help me track my goals weekly. My planner is also understood to be the “MASTER PLAN” in our household. Robby knows to check the planner before making plans and if he ever wonders where I am, the planner will tell him!

My custom planner allows me to track my exercise, cleaning and “to do” list as well as appointments, etc. I even have blank pages for my long and short term projects. Every Sunday afternoon, I take time to look at the week ahead and plan my “to do” list and carry over anything that hasn’t been completed.

My planner pic

This may seem like a lot of work but visually seeing what I both need and want to do each week helps me move them to “to done”!!! Nothing makes me happier than marking something off the “to do” list.

Oh yeah, I also have a typed one-page document setting out my 2022 Goals that I keep in this planner. I purposefully read it each week to keep my goals fresh in my mind. I know, I’m a true “nerd”! LOLOL

My Phone/Computer

Because I’m a little “old school” with the planner, you may think I am not a fan of technology. That is definitely not true. While it may seem like overkill, I use the “Google” calendar on my phone and computer to track my appointments, commitments and things I need to do as well.

Yes, it takes extra time to put entries into both my planner and phone/computer, but it is definitely worth it. Since I don’t carry my planner around with me but I do carry my phone, I can easily see what’s on my agenda anywhere, anytime. This is convenient for making appointments or plans when I’m not at home.

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Another benefit of using the electronic calendar, is that I can send important dates to my family to put on their calendar. As an empty nester, I can easily keep our adult children “in the loop” regarding our travel and other important events. Robby finds it very helpful when I send him calendar notifications that he needs to keep track of as well.


While we are talking about technology, another tool in my toolbox is Apps. I currently use two apps that help me track my goals. One of the apps I use is the free Health App provided on my phone. This app helps me track my health/exercise goals.

I use this app to track my daily steps, weight, blood pressure, oxygen levels, and stress. The best part is that it only takes a few minutes each day to read and log in my health levels and it automatically keeps up with my steps/activity. I can easily see daily how I’m doing and every Sunday I receive a weekly report. Love it when I meet my goals and get rewards!!!

Another app I use is Asana Rebel. This is a paid app ($30 for year) that provides yoga/pilates type exercises and all kinds of motivational and calming music as well as guided meditations.

One of my goals was to add a different kind of exercise to my daily walking routine. This app helps me do that. I am able to choose the length and difficulty of yoga/pilates sessions whenever it is convenient for me.

As an introvert, I am simply not going to attend a class, so having access to these sessions in my own home is ideal. Of course, an app is only helpful if you use it. This app gives me daily prompts to take action. It’s kind of like having a digital personal trainer. So far, I am really enjoying it!

Final Thoughts

Fully believing that “nothing drifts toward excellence”, the tools in my toolbox are vital to my success in achieving my goals. My tools help me stay accountable and measure my progress.

My hope is that by sharing what I do to stay accountable will encourage others to take action to achieve their goals. We have never lived in a time with easier access to people and resources. Take advantage of those resources and fill your toolbox with with the right tools to help you reach your goals.

I would love to hear what’s in your toolbox. Drop me a line in the comments!

Best Wishes! Leigh


  1. You are speaking to my visual soul! As I organize my month, week and each day, I use erasable colored pens to coordinate with my iPhone calendar. šŸ¤“ā€ØIā€™m going to check out your planner source! Thanks for the validation Leigh.

    1. Kim thank you so much for reading and your comment. I really do love my custom planner and you may find it useful as well. You are a level above me with the colored pens to coordinate with your phone. Here’s to those of us who love to be organized!!! Best Wishes! Leigh

  2. I’m a spreadsheet girl. Each day I copy my row of daily tasks for today and delete as I check off each task. Then I check my daily theme (eg. art making day) for some quality time. Then I move on to the less frequent tasks. Each month, I review my monthly, quarterly and yearly goals and copy them into my main planner. They get moved to an accomplishments list when completed. That’s my stride of pride – my proud list of what I’ve accomplished. That list is great to look back on, because you easily forget what you’ve accomplished. It’s a system that works for me.
    I like the idea of the apps you use for health & fitness. I might look into them too.

    1. That’s an awesome system Sandra! I have never thought about using a spreadsheet! I like that you can easily look back at your goals and what you’ve achieved. Sounds like you are an amazing planner! Thanks so much for sharing your system and Best Wishes and Happy Planning! Leigh

  3. As a retired teacher, I can relate to this. I was overkill on digital and paper planning, out of necessity. Now, I find I don’t like the digital tools as much as my trusty paper and pen. The exception is my calendar on my phone, which I use daily for alerts because I can’t remember a damn thing šŸ˜….

    1. Hot Goddess, thanks for sharing what’s in your toolbox! I think we are alike with using the paper planner and phone calendar! And yes, I can’t remember things either …. I figure it frees up “brain space” to keep it all on the planner! LOLOL Best Wishes! Leigh

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