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I am so excited to reveal this project. My husband gets all the credit as he did all the labor. He believed in my idea and “made it happen”. Our house has an L shaped front entrance with the front door/porch and garage all facing the driveway. We are blessed with a 3 car garage, but with the doors being white, it’s kind of all you see when you look at our house. The front door and porch get lost with all the white doors. This has bothered me for a long time and replacing the doors would be expensive and just not practical.

I did some research and found that many folks were transforming their white garage doors to look like wood by using a gel stain. I spent a few hours on Pinterest and Youtube looking at all the “how to’s” and came up with a plan. Fortunately, my husband thought it was a great idea and willing to give it a try. The good thing about gel stain, is that if it looks awful, you can just paint over it.

We hoped this would be a one weekend project, but with three doors it took two weekends to complete. Also, you must have good weather with no rain. Here is a pic of the project in progress.

I choose a gel stain colored “hickory”. As you can see, with one coat, too much of the white was showing through. We decided that two coats would be necessary but we loved how things were looking.

I had to purchase a few more cans of stain, but Robby finally got two coats completed and we love the transformation. So far everyone in the neighborhood has given us positive feedback. Now, the darker garage doors disappear and you actually see the front entrance. Pics of the front entrance will be coming soon. We plan to use the same gel stain on the front door to give all the doors that wood look color.

Thanks to my husband who will do just about anything I ask!!! Planning on keeping him busy!!!!!


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