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Farewell to a chair actually begins four years ago when we purchased our cabin in the woods. We inherited with it a green fabric recliner. It was the “green elephant” in the family room. You could tell that it was well used and of course, became my husband’s favorite chair. The dogs loved it too and so we fondly called it “stinky chair”!

There were many other lovely pieces of furniture that we inherited that we continue to use today. Even so, I immediately began transforming the cabin room by room into a style that suited my tastes. And at long last, the day came to replace “stinky chair”. It was time to say farewell to a chair.

A Little Shopping

During our last cabin visit, it had snowed and was bitterly cold, so indoor activities were on the agenda. I skillfully talked Robby into visiting a local high-end furniture store to “just look” and see if they had any recliners on sale. (LOL) Of course we found some recliners that we liked but the sticker shock curbed my impulses!

Fortunately for me, they also have a second hand store as part of their inventory. It consists of furniture they pick up and remove from homes when delivering NEW furniture. I thought this was pure genius because it is very hard to dispose of or donate large items like furniture in the mountains. So, Robby and I headed over to that section.

Not knowing what to expect, we were pleasantly surprised to see so many great pieces of furniture that simply needed a new home. With a renewed commitment to my mission, I spotted a recliner that looked to be in terrific condition. It was leather, the perfect size and had “power” reclining. Robby tried it out, the price was on budget and it became ours in less than 30 minutes.


Unfortunately the store doesn’t deliver on the weekend, so we arranged for delivery to occur on our next visit. In addition, they would remove “stinky chair” and take it to the dump (we knew it was not fit for resale). This was music to my ears, a win-win for everyone. We marked our calendars, headed to the wine bar to celebrate and toasted to the “old” and the “new”.

Four weeks later and delivery for the new recliner was confirmed. Robby spent one last night enjoying “stinky chair” and then he escorted it onto our deck. The delivery guys arrived on time and one “new to us” power leather recliner graced our family room. Robby is in heaven, Silent Charlie has no interest in this “cold” leather chair and I am happy that everything now matches!

Final Thoughts

While we are very excited to have the new recliner, it goes without saying that “stinky chair” has served us well. Not to go too deep here, but God always reminds me “does your stuff serve you or do you serve your stuff?” “Stinky chair” had fulfilled its mission not only to us but the previous owners as well.

Hundreds of naps, puppy snuggles, grandchildren climbing, comforting sore hiking muscles, hours of reading, fireplace gazing and countless movie watching have all occurred in the green fabric embrace of “stinky chair”. With your mission complete, it is now time to say farewell to a chair!

Hope that you enjoyed our latest cabin adventure. Share, like or leave me a comment. I love to hear your thoughts!

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