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Our second annual family beach vacation has come to an end but the memories linger. Having our whole family, daughters, son-in-law, and grandchildren all in one place was a success and a delight.

We spent our vacation in Hilton Head, South Carolina. The Atlantic beach is lovely and the city is both beautiful and very family friendly. In addition, the condo we rented provided everyone with their own bedrooms and bathrooms. This a key factor to a successful week-long stay together! LOL

The Morning Routine

Even on vacation, I am an early riser. I was consistently the first one up each day. Coffee making was my mission and thankfully two coffee pots provided enough “life fuel” to get the adults going.

My son-in-law was the official “breakfast maker”. The grandchildren enjoy eggs, bacon and sausage, so he whipped up a lovely breakfast almost every morning. This was pure delight for me as I don’t enjoy cooking, especially in the morning!

Clean up came next and we worked together to clean up the kitchen and tidy up the place before heading out to the beach. You know what they say “teamwork is dreamwork”!

Hitting the Beach

For anyone that vacations at the beach, you know that you must claim your spot early. We arrived with two beach wagons, two umbrellas, seven chairs, and a giant bag of beach toys. The fellas were tasked with hauling all of that out each morning and setting it up. Our son-in-law took the brunt of the “hauling”!!

Family beach vacation, relaxing under beach umbrella

This was such a blessing! All the “girls” had to do was put on swimsuits and sunscreen and go! Our condo was on the 3rd floor so the grandchildren loved riding the elevator down each morning. It’s so funny at the simple things that little kids love!

Fortunately, the walk to the sand was not too far, so the little kids did not need to be carried. My back is grateful! Once on the sand the excitement ramps up. Wave jumping, collecting shells, getting sandy and washing off are the priorities of the kids. We deemed it the “rinse and repeat” cycle! Sitting and relaxing in the shade of the umbrellas were the priority of Robby and me.

kids playing in ocean

There is no greater joy than watching the grands running back and forth from sand to waves with nothing but smiles. Everyone was living their best lives! Family beach vacation goal number 1 is achieved.

Transitioning Inside

The beach is so magical and fun that no little kid wants to come in! Even though exhaustion shown through on the grands faces, they didn’t want the fun to end.

My daughter and I found that if we transitioned them to the pools for a little cooling off and swimming, things went much easier. While the gals headed to the pool, the fellas packed up the wagons and hauled them back to the garage storage area. I’m pretty sure the ladies came out on the winning end of that task!

It only took about 20 minutes of swimming for the “littles” to be ready to go inside. After snacks and drinks, everyone cleaned up and if naps happened then that was OK too!

Dinner and More

The ladies were in charge of the plans and we kept them flexible. While it would have been convenient to go out for dinner every night, that wasn’t practical for the little kids. Two nights were chosen to grill and eat in.

There was a lovely grilling area in the complex and hamburgers, hot dogs and steaks were prepared with ease. It was so lovely to sit around the large table and share a meal and great conversation. We told stories, laughed and simply relished time together.

We also took some time to do “our own thing”. Since we were in Hilton Head for a week, we had plenty of time to do things by ourselves. Shopping, lunching, mini-golf and the arcade allowed everyone to do things that interested them. Robby and I even did a little babysitting so our daughter and son-in-law could go out alone.

Our daughter in Savannah couldn’t stay the whole time, but she was able to join the fun for several days. And Aunt TaTa is the coolest and most popular in the family! She had some quality time with her nieces and us!

Final Thoughts

I wasn’t sure how spending an entire week at the beach with the whole family would go. My hope, of course, is that everyone would have a fun and relaxing time. My real anxiety was the fact that we made no definitive plans for our stay. I’m a planner and it really took some effort to just “go with the flow”.

As it turns out, we managed to do all the things we wanted with no real agenda. Imagine that, flexibility worked!

The best part about this family beach vacation was the amount of time Robby and I were able to spend with our adult daughters and grandchildren. This kind of time is priceless. My phone is full of candid pics of fun in the sun. My heart is full of memories made, smiling faces and lots of hugs and kisses.

The third annual family beach vacation will definitely be in the works for next year! Look out Hilton Head, we’ll be coming back!


  1. What an amazing time your have described! Beach vacations are my favorite! Iā€™m happy for you that you and your family were able to enjoy this time with Gods most beautiful scenery (in my opinion, the beach šŸ˜„) and each other. Thank you for sharing!

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