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About a week ago, I decided to take my own advice and do a little purging in our bonus room and attic. While in the attic I noticed an ornate mirror that I had completely forgotten we owned. My brain began to see a vision of this outdated mirror becoming a thing of beauty again. And so began my second DIY mirror transformation.

A Little Mirror History

Robby inherited this mirror from his parents when their home was sold. It originally belonged to either his mother or grandmother. The mirror is in the gold baroque style popular in the 1950’s and 1960’s. The frame is a lightweight plastic and the mirror itself is quite heavy.

Unfortunately, the mirror does not fit my style and never found a home on our walls. It has spent the last 20 years in basements and attics forgotten until last week.

My Vision

Pulling the mirror out of the attic, I could see it with an aged old world finish. I have done this process with another mirror and was confident my vision would work. The plan includes painting the frame with silver metallic chalk paint and then finishing with black chalk wax. I couldn’t wait to begin the mirror transformation.

The Process

I want to share the process step by step so you can see exactly what I did. This is really an easy way to give new life to any kind of mirror or picture frame.

1. Clean & Prep

The first step is to clean the mirror of dust and dirt. Once clean, tape the inside edge of the mirror to protect it from paint.

The "before" picture of mirror,
Picture of mirror cleaned and taped for DIY mirror transformation
2. Apply First Coat of Silver Paint

After the mirror is prepped, it is time to start painting. I use a small sponge brush to apply a silver metallic chalk paint. The reason I use a sponge is because the paint is very thin and it will allow me to get into all of the crevices of the frame design.

I also chose to work in a room where the natural light is bright. The metallic paint can be tricky on the eyes without good lighting. You will miss a lot of spots if you can’t see what you are doing.

Picture of metallic paint and sponge brush used in project
Picture of mirror with first coat of silver paint
Close up picture of mirror with metallic paint
3. Let Dry and Apply Second Coat of Silver Paint

Chalk paint does not take a long time to dry. I did wait several hours before applying the second coat. This painting process is not going to give you a solid covering. If a solid covering is what you want, then spray painting would probably be the best option.

This project needs a little “dinge” to come through and that is exactly what you get with chalk paint. The second coat was easy to apply and I successfully covered the nooks and crannies with the paint. I could already see how lovely this mirror transformation was going to be.

Picture of mirror with second coat of silver metallic paint
Close up picture of painted mirror
4. Black Wax and Final Clean Up

The mirror dried overnight and the next afternoon I began applying the black chalk wax. I use a brush that is made just for this process. They can be a little pricey, however, it is well worth the money. The brush allows you to get into all the crevices with the wax. This will create the “aged” look that I wanted.

The wax is easy to apply and the first coat took about 12 minutes to complete. I allowed a couple of hours for the wax to set and assessed whether I would need a second coat. After some thought, I decided to apply another light coating of black chalk wax. And just like that my vision for this mirror transformation was complete!

Brush and wax used in project
Picture of first coat of black wax
Picture of second coat of black wax

My Final Thoughts

It gives me great joy to see the transformation of this mirror. New life has been given to a once loved but outdated piece of decor. No longer will it be delegated to attics and basements. A fine wall will highlight its new beauty and history as well.

Finished DIY mirror transformation project hanging on wall

So don’t throw out those outdated pieces of decor. Try giving them a new look with this easy to do process.

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