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Well, I have been waiting quite a while to do this DIY master closet redo post. At long last it is “finished” enough to reveal. All that remains is touch up paint on ceiling and toe molding around the baseboards. Robby has been focused on replacing all the flooring throughout the bedroom, so that stuff will come last.

The Project

As my faithful readers know, I love a DIY and my master closet definitely needed a “redo”. After we finished the master bath reno, the closet and bedroom floors looked really dated, so I did what I always do….“hatched a plan.”

First, we knew the worn out carpet needed to go. Second, while the closet was large enough, the design wasn’t functional for us. It simply didn’t fit our needs. Third, the budget was slim because the $$$$ needed to be spent on the flooring to finish out the bedroom. Here are some picks of the old closet.

While it may be hard to see, Robby has no room for shoes on his side and the long/short hanging rods just weren’t the right fit. On my side, I had no room for hanging anything long. I only had two short hanging rods so dresses would have to be stuck behind the rod to fully hang. (I know, first world problems!)

And finally, the door opened to the inside so we were constantly hitting each other with the door over the years. The result is that I knew we could make better use of the space.

The Plan

This master closet redo was quite the challenge. You would think that a smaller space would be easy but I found myself struggling to get a “remodel revelation”. I knew what didn’t work, but didn’t quite know how to fix it.

So, I did what all women do and went to Pinterest for inspiration. It’s amazing how looking at other peoples’ closet remodels can give you just the “spark” you need.

I saved a pic that closely resembled what I wanted to do and then met with my contractor/husband. Here’s how it went: “We continue the flooring from the bathroom into the closet and all the way throughout the bedroom. We leave the wooden built-in as is. On each side, we install custom designed rods and shelving to suit our clothing needs. The ceiling light will be replaced with an LED light with lots of bling. And, finally, the door needs to open to the outside.”

Robby inhaled and said “I don’t see it, but I trust your design. The shelving will have to be wire not wood for costs and ease of customization. The light can have some bling and you’re gonna have to come up with a door idea because I can’t just flip the door around.”

I thought that went pretty well!!!!!


Once Robby continued the flooring up to the closet entry, I emptied the master closet and he took measurements. We then went to Lowes and purchased two Closetmaid kits that would accommodate customization.

Next, Robby began demo which included the removal of carpet and the old upper shelves and rods. He also removed the door. Getting dressed was a little tricky during this time. We often forgot our clothes were on the other side of the house so ….. it’s a good thing we are empty nesters! LOLOL

Here’s a few pics of demo and the new install. The room looked so different with nothing in it and fresh paint!

The Finish Line

The closet systems went up very quickly. Robby was able to customize on the spot for what I wanted and now I have more room than I even need. He mostly mimicked my design on his side minus the extra middle shelves. He did a great job and I am super happy with the result.

Next, he put in the flooring and boy did that change how the closet looked. Once the somewhat “blingy” light was installed I felt so fancy. We were both enjoying the benefits of better use of the space.

The door was a little more tricky. I found another diy project to create a French door out of a single bi-fold door. I took this idea and ran with it. Thank goodness Robby has some “skills” and agreed to my idea. The only hiccup was that because of the supply chain issues, we couldn’t find a bi-fold door in the size needed. So….Robby agreed to get a larger one and cut it down to fit. And just like that, it is finished.

Final Thoughts

This master closet redo was a tremendous success. Not only does it look great, but it functions well for us. We both have more room than we need and no more smacking each other with the door! Once I got the vision, it was a fun project and to quote my “contractor/husband”, “This was one of your better ideas.”

I’ll take it! Here’s to all my fellow DIY people: “The job may take longer but the sweat equity and love that goes in it makes it all worthwhile!”

12 thoughts on “DIY MASTER CLOSET REDO

  1. Wow, this looks fabulous Leigh! My hubby and I each have our own closets, but we also used those wire shelving kits from Lowe’s to personalize each of them to fit our needs (like you, I needed to be able to hang my dresses). I love how you created that French door – that’s genius! Congratulations to you and your hubby for a job well done!

    1. Oh thank you so much Terri! While the wire shelving isn’t “high-end”, it is so versatile and budget friendly. I am all about function so it has definitely worked for us. I appreciate your comments about the DIY French Door. I absolutely love it and it is actually an easy solution to change a door opening. Thanks for your comments and Best Wishes! Leigh

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