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Just before Thanksgiving 2021, Robby and I decided it was time for a DIY master bath renovation. Our sink cabinets were worn out and a giant corner (jetted) soaking tub took up way too much space. It was time for a do-over and Robby was “all in”!

A Little History

Believe it or not, this is not the first renovation that we have done on this bathroom! The house was built in 1999, we purchased it in 2009, and it was already in need of a remodel.

Robby replaced the awful vinyl flooring with ceramic tile and we dropped in two new sink/vanity combos, new lighting and mirrors. Fresh neutral paint finished the project. I was happy with the new look as it suited my style. However, there were two problems that remained. Below is a peek at the before and after!

The previous owners who built the house made some changes to the architectural plans and a strange angled wall was created in the bathroom. In addition, there was a jetted soaking tub placed in the corner. In the 13 years that we’ve lived in the house, I think we’ve used the tub maybe five times. Obviously, we are shower people! LOL

Anyway, the tub was a waste of space and just something else that I had to clean even though we didn’t use it. I literally loathed it’s existence. Every time I saw it, thoughts of removal were all I could think of!

The Project

Fast forward 13 years and the once nicely renovated master bath was looking a little sad. Robby and I had literally worn out the vanity cabinets and we both agreed that the tub had to go and new flooring should be installed.

I had some ideas but I was struggling with visualizing the space without the tub. Robby agreed to remove the tub and give me time to get a renovation revelation! This would also give him time to begin removal of the tile flooring but still be able to have use of this bathroom.

Once that hideous beast (the tub) came out, the renovation juices began to flow. I had a revelation for the space. In fact, this was going to be my best reno design to date! Robby couldn’t quite see my vision, but he trusted me and he did all the measuring! Lol Below are some pics of the progress.

Getting It Done

Because of the 2021-2022 supply chain disaster, we decided to pick out and purchase the flooring and new vanities before completing full demo of the bathroom. Fortunately, the flooring was in stock and we took it home the same day. The vanities and one piece of furniture had to be ordered but they arrived within 3 weeks. (All items were purchased from Lowes.)

I decided to reuse the old mirrors and chose new lighting and faucets to complete the look. The angled wall would now hold a large full length mirror and Kirkland’s had just what I needed.

With all the “parts” in our possession, Robby began full demo. We moved all of our bathroom stuff into what was our daughters’ bathroom on the other side of our house. It took a little while to adjust to getting ready, but I kept my eye on how amazing this project would be when finished.

Let me add a disclaimer here for anyone considering this kind of project. Robby grew up in a trade family and was also in an Army Combat Engineering unit. The point is that he has some skills in building, plumbing and electrical. We did not move any walls and the plumbing and electrical needs were minor, so no permits were needed. While I highly encourage anyone to try DIY, you must know your skillset and your limitations.


First Robby had a little drywall work to do where the tub and vanities were removed. Once that was done, he painted all the walls with a lovely color named “Polar Ice”. He then installed the new light fixtures so he could see what he was doing! Laying the new flooring was next. I chose luxury vinyl planks that look like wood but are waterproof and very durable. This flooring is easy to install yourself and Robby had experience with this kind of installation. I absolutely love it! In fact, we plan to use it in our next project as well.

Our son-in-law and one of his friends helped us get the new, much larger and heavier vanity cabinets into the space. Robby put on his plumbing hat and installed the faucets. I was delighted to discover that when you turn on the hot water, an LED light shines out of the faucet through the water. I call that “fancy”!

Lastly, Robby hung the full length mirror on the “angled” wall and the result was better than what I had visualized. He could see my vision now. A matching linen cabinet that would serve as our “medicine cabinet” was moved in where the tub had previously been. A velvet tufted bench and white floor length ruffled curtains finished the space.

I picked up two small area rugs from Target and ordered towel hooks from Amazon to mark this DIY master bath renovation “COMPLETE”.

Final Thoughts

You may have noticed that I did none of the work. Robby gets all the credit for a job well done. He took my design and made it happen. As I’ve posted before, “he speaks my love language”. And, he even said he enjoyed this project.

So far we are both LOVING our new bathroom. The space serves us well now and we even have unused storage space. To be fully transparent, the budget came in around $7000. This project done by a professional would likely be in the range of $20,000. The shower was untouched because that will be a separate project. I hope you enjoyed seeing how we did it and are encouraged to give your own DIY projects a try!

This DIY master bath renovation is officially DONE!


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