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October seemed like the perfect month to tackle our DIY half bath makeover. The vision and all of the supplies were purchased in September and now it was time for action. One could also say that my husband wanted to mark off another item from his “to-do list”.

We purchased our house in 2009 and it was already tens years old and in need of some renovations. Robby and I have “touched” every room in this house, including the bathrooms. Most of the work was DIY. However, we did hire out the kitchen remodel. We know the limits of our abilities!

The Project

The half bathroom, which our guests use, was the target of this project. In 2010 Robby and I replaced the vinyl flooring, vanity, removed wallpaper, painted and installed new lighting.

The bathroom was transformed from the late 1990’s to the then current trends of ceramic tile flooring and rich dark cabinetry. It has served us well but as 2021 rolled in, we knew it needed an update.

The Vision

First, I knew that this update needed to be budget friendly and DIY! I choose a vinyl wood look plank flooring that can be installed over existing flooring or directly over plywood. It’s highly durable, waterproof and super easy to do yourself!!!!!

We used this flooring on another project, so I was confident in ease of installation. I also choose a slightly larger white vanity cabinet with a beautiful granite top. I saved money by keeping the mirror and other wall fixtures. They can be painted to match faucet later.

The Work

Robby spoke my love language and removed the ceramic tile in one day. He even cleaned everything up and removed the old vanity cabinet. Since it was in excellent condition, I donated it to our local Habitat Restore.

Once the floor molding and toilet were removed, installation of the new flooring began. Robby completed this in one day. The transformation was incredible. The following day he reinstalled the toilet and trim. My vision of the half bath remodel was coming to life.

Cabinets And Knobs

The final piece to be installed was the vanity cabinet and sink top. These pieces were fairly easy for Robby and I to move into the bathroom. The plumbing was a little trickier.

I would also like to add that Robby hates doing plumbing work, but for me, he made it happen. The new faucet was a little difficult, and there may have been a few #### words said, but all is working well now.

The final step was attaching the knobs to the cabinet. I was completely disappointed when I realized that there were only 3 knobs for a 4 knob cabinet! UGH!!!!

Not to be defeated, I stole a silver knob from another cabinet until I can either find a match or simply buy 4 new knobs. The good news is that it’s an easy fix!

Final Thoughts

This half bath makeover is a success and it only took two weekends! Robby and I actually enjoy these kinds of projects and I love seeing my vision come to life through his labor!

While I still have a few things to do, such as painting the mirror, I declare this makeover complete. Next project is a total master bath makeover! Better get planning, because this one won’t be as easy.

Keep trying new things!

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